BOW’s (Free) Podcast/Video Extras

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Video-Podcast TitleDown-loadable ExtraAuthorCategory
Asking Powerful QuestionsSuggested Resources on Asking Powerful Questions

Framework for Fostering an Environment of Collaboration
Jill WilliamsLeading Small Groups

You As a Leader
Beginning the Road to Racial ReconciliationSuggested Resources on Racial IssuesKay DaigleGodly Living

Ministry Issues
BurnoutSuggested Resources on BurnoutMichelle PokornyYou As a Leader
Choosing Trustworthy ResourcesNotes & Theological Concentric CirclesNika SpauldingMinistry Skills
Diversity of a Different KindSeven Points to Improve RelationshipsOletha BarnettGodly Living

Ministry Issues
Fight RightSuggested Resources on Fight RightOletha BarnettGodly Living

Ministry Issues
In-Depth Message PreparationMessage Preparation WorksheetKristen PoolStudying and Teaching the Bible
Justice in the BibleResources on JusticeNika SpauldingGodly Living
LamentResources on LamentNika SpauldingGodly Living
Leader Helps & ResourcesLeader Helps & ResourcesKay DaigleGeneral Leadership
Leading a Small Group toward Spiritual GrowthSuggested Resources on Asking Open Questions

Women’s Bible Study Small Group Leader’s Handbook

Action Points for Leading a Small Group toward Spiritual Growth
Kelly Arabie

Kay Daigle
Leading Small Groups
Leading Toward Racial ReconciliationSuggested Resources on Racial IssuesKay DaigleGodly Living

Ministry Issues
Listening WellReflection QuestionsCheri HudspithLeading Small Groups
Millennials: The Good, the Bad, and the MinistrySuggested Resources on MillennialsNika SpauldingMinistry Issues
Re-Imagining DiscipleshipResources on Re-Imagining Discipleship

Kingdom Prayers
Kay DaigleChurch Issues

Ministry Issues
Sharing Your Faith StorySuggested Resource on Sharing Your Faith StoryDonna SkellGodly Living
Soul CareInvitation to COME to Jesus

Recommended Reading List on Soul Care

Follow Up to Soul Care Videos
Gail SeidelYou As a Leader
Step by Step Teaching ProcessPreparing to Teach God’s WordSusie Hawkins

Kristen Pool
Studying and Teaching the Bible
Why Study the Bible for Yourself?Leader Helps & ResourcesNatalie EastmanStudying and Teaching the Bible
Women in Public Ministry: Revisiting the IssueArticles on Revisiting the Issue of Women in Public MinistrySandra GlahnMinistry Issues
You are on God’s TeamYou are on God’s Team ActivitiesClaudia McGuireGodly Living

You As a Leader