Grow a Great Small Group

Browse this page of short, conversational videos and watch those that work for your situation.

  • Are you a small group leader? Watch a practical and encouraging video series below to further enhance your skills.
  • Are you planning to lead a study from our Journaling Series? Watch Tips for Leading a Journaling Study.
  • Are you responsible to train or coach small group leaders? Ask your leaders to watch the videos at home and come to group training prepared to discuss the questions from the video, allowing you to maximize the time together.
Additional Resources for Small Group Leaders:
Tips for Leading a Journaling Study

Practical help for any small group leader, but particularly for those who lead a BOW journaling study. Or connect to the podcast instead.

– with Kay Daigle

Leading a Small Group toward Spiritual Growth Series

Looking for spiritual growth in your small group? Kelly joins Kay with practical ways to achieve your goals by understanding the essentials to achieve such growth and how to prepare and lead the discussion.

– with Kelly Arabie

Downloadable Resource: Asking Open Questions

Listening Well Series

Listening is essential to a good small group connection. Cheri helps leaders listen before, during, and after their group meetings. (You can now listen to the podcast of the first video “Before the Small Group Meeting” here  the second episode “During the Small Group Meeting” here, the third on after the meeting here. Or browse all our podcasts.)

– with Cheri Hudspith

Downloadable Resource: Reflection Questions

Asking Powerful Questions Series

Would you like deeper relationships with your friends, small group, children, or co-workers? Watch these three videos with Jill Williams, licensed coach, to learn practical skills to do so. Part 1 – The Want To, Part 2 – The Framework and Part 3 – The Tools are available as podcasts.

– with Jill Williams

Download either Framework for Fostering an Environment of Collaboration or
Asking Powerful Questions Resources