Grow your Practical Leadership Skills

BOW’s short, free conversational videos linked below are designed to help grow your leadership skills.

  • Are you involved in choosing material for a church-wide ministry, small group, or class? Nika Spaulding’s series provides the guidance you need to navigate the multitude of choices.
  • Prioritize the care of your soul in 2018. As leaders, we must carefully nourish our own souls to care well for others. Watch Dr. Gail Seidel’s series Soul Care to grow in your awareness and receive practical help.
  • Do you lead a ministry or non-profit? Claudia McGuire’s 3-part series Be Strategic for Effective Ministry will help you create a focused plan based on your vision.
  • Speaking of vision, do you have one? Or maybe you aren’t sure what to do with it. Learn from Debbie Stuart’s series Casting Vision.
  • Do you lead meetings for your team, committee, or even one-on-one? Watch our video series Meetings that Work.
  • Perhaps your leadership is in smaller and more common venues such as parenting, mentoring, or influencing friends. Vision for the Small and Ordinary Places video is for you.
Leadership Development Video

Additional Help for Leading:

Vision for the Small and Ordinary Places

–  with Dr. Kay Daigle

Vision isn’t limited to big ministry but applies to relationships of influence. This free video shows how vision points to the positive future rather than daily problems.
 Meet Kay Daigle

Why Study Biblical Issues for Yourself?

–  with Dr. Natalie Eastman

If you’ve ever wondered if you should take the time to discover what the Bible teaches on a subject for yourself, check out Natalie’s helpful short talk for all of us who influence others.

Meet Natalie Eastman

Choosing Trustworthy Resources Series

– with Nika Spaulding

With today’s proliferation of resources, we must carefully choose what we read and study and offer to the others. Nika Spaulding provides helpful guidelines for biblical discernment.

Choosing Trustworthy Resources
Meet Nika Spauling

Soul Care Series

– with Gail Seidel

Dr. Gail Seidel shares the what, why, and how of soul care.

Follow Up to Videos
Invitation to COME to Jesus
Recommended Reading List Soul Care in Spiritual Leadership
Meet Gail Seidel

Organic Mentoring Series

– with Sue Edwards

Dr. Sue Edwards shares her expertise from her book Organic Mentoring. She lays out the challenges, provides solutions, and talks about the right kind of match for those who mentor millenials.

Meet Sue Edwards

Be Strategic for Effective Ministry Series

– with Claudia McGuire

Effective ministry depends on strategic planning. This very practical and free 3-video series will help you prepare information needed, plan strategically, and then proceed to implement the plan.

Meet Claudia McGuire

Casting Vision Series

– with Debbie Stuart

Vision is essential when God calls you to something big. This free 3-video series will help you with the basic principles, best practices, and the process.

Meet Debbie Stuart

Meetings That Work Series

– with Claudia McGuire

Do you want to lead great meetings? Watch our 3 short free videos on what to do before, during, and after to make your time productive and enjoyable.

Meet Claudia McGuire