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BOW’s short, free conversational videos from experts are designed to help grow your leadership skills. Link here to browse them all.

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You, as a Leader

Persevering in Ministry Through Hard Times

Virginia Grounds talks with Sharifa Stevens about how to navigate tough times as a leader. Listen to or download the podcast episode here.

– with Virginia Grounds

Download Leading in Times of Difficulty

Why Take a Personal Retreat?

Jodie Niznik, author, speaker and Bible teacher, joins Kay Daigle to discuss why a personal retreat is so essential for a healthy spiritual life, especially for leaders. Download or listen to the podcast episode here.

– with Jodie Niznik

Thriving As a Leader

What can we do as leaders to thrive ourselves as well as encourage and help other leaders to do the same? Elizabeth Woodson joins Dr. Kay Daigle in this practical conversation.

– with Elizabeth Woodson

Healthy Habits for Lasting Ministry

How can people doing ministry last for the long haul? Nika Spaulding shares the life habits that keep her healthy enough to persevere in ministry. Access the podcast episode.

– with Nika Spaulding

Feeling Overlooked, Leader?

Claudia McGuire discusses handling that sense of being overlooked, a common feeling for both volunteers and professional leaders. You can choose to access it on BOW’s podcast.

– with Claudia McGuire

Feeling Overwhelmed, Leader?

What does a leader do when feeling overwhelmed? Claudia McGuire shares insights. Listen to or download the podcast episode here.

– with Claudia McGuire

Mommies & Ministry Series

Are you balancing family and ministry? This series includes three topics that provide wisdom for your challenges as a mom.  Or access the podcast versions: Boundaries for Moms in Ministry, Protect Your Kids’ Privacy and The Myth of the Biblical Superwoman.

– with Kelley Mathews and Sharifa Stevens

You Are on God’s Team Series

Do you feel ill-equipped, unprepared or inadequate to serve? See how God used three women in new and surprising ways and wants to use you, too. The podcast episodes of God Uses Your Story, God Uses Your Availability and God Uses Your Gifts have been posted as well.

–with Claudia McGuire

Download follow-up Resources for You Are on God’s Team

Soul Care Series

Learn about the what, why and how of soul care. Watch the videos below, or listen to the podcast episodes: 1- Soul Care: What Is It? 2- How Is Your Soul? 3- Nourishing Your Soul.

– with Gail Seidel

Follow Up to Videos
Invitation to COME to Jesus
Recommended Reading List

3 Simple Practices to Help You Embrace God’s Pace

Trying to live in step with Jesus is hard because culture pushes against it. Jodie Niznik provides some easy but life-giving suggestions as she talks with Kelly Arabie about her own life experience. You can also access it on our podcast. Access Jodie’s free resource here.

– with Jodie Niznik

Download Resources for Embrace God’s Pace

Handling Disappointment in Ministry

Dr. Lynn Etta Manning joins Kelly Arabie of BOW Ministries to discuss what to do when facing disappointment in ministry. Download or listen to the podcast episode here.

– with Lynn Etta Manning

Ministry in Unlikely Places

Dr. Lynn Etta Manning and Kelly Arabie of BOW Ministries discuss ministering in cultures unlike your own, as exemplified in the stories of Esther and Mulan. You can also access it on our podcast.

– with Lynn Etta Manning

Dealing with Loneliness in Ministry Series

Are you experiencing loneliness as you minister? This 3-part series provides wisdom for this challenge as a leader. Link to the podcast episodes: 1-Identifying It, 2-Meeting God, 3-Growing Because of It.

– with Kari Stainback

Is it Time to Move On, Leader?

Claudia McGuire provides wisdom for how to determine if it’s time to move on from a leadership position. Download or listen to the podcast here.

– with Claudia McGuire

Love God with All Your Mind – Lessons in Leadership

Kat Armstrong shares the meaning and importance of loving God with all your mind. If you prefer, it is available on BOW’s podcast.

– with Kat Armstrong

Asking Powerful Questions Series

Would you like deeper relationships with your friends, small group, children, or co-workers? Jill Williams, licensed coach, provides practical skills to do so. All episodes are available as podcast episodes: 1-“The Want To, 2- “The Framework” and 3- ” The Tools.

– with Jill Williams

Download either Framework for Fostering an Environment of Collaboration or Asking Powerful Questions Resources

Burnout Series

You’ve heard of burnout, but you’re unsure of what it is and how to avoid or overcome it. Dr. Michelle Pokorny’s short video series provides answers. You can access the podcast episodes also: Part 1–The Burn, Part 2–On the Brink and Part 3–Beating Burnout. Don’t miss the resource download below.

– with Michelle Pokorny

Download a list of Burnout Resources

Ministry Issues

Ministering to Gen Z

Gen Z is the latest generation now becoming adults. As we learn about them, how does the church respond well to their needs? Nika Spaulding joins Kay Daigle for this insightful conversation. Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Nika Spaulding

Download BOW’s Helpful Resource List

Gender and Scripture

Claudia McGuire interviews Dr. Sandra Glahn of DTS about gender, including common misconceptions  and application in the scriptures. Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn and Claudia McGuire.

Download BOW’s Helpful Resource List

Re-Imagining Discipleship

The state of the American church suggests that our discipleship models need reworking. The five videos of this series can be accessed below, or listen to the podcast episodes of Nika Spaulding’s A Theological Perspective, Debbie Swindoll’s A Spiritual Formation Perspective, Elizabeth Woodson’s A Church Leader Perspective, Susan Binion’s A Missions Perspective and Kay Daigle’s A Kingdom Perspective.

–with Nika Spaulding, Debbie Swindoll, Elizabeth Woodson, Susan Binion & Kay Daigle.

Download either Resources on Re-Imagining Discipleship or Kingdom Prayers

Leadership Lessons from the Life of Moses

Jodie Niznik, author of Choose: A Study of Moses for a Life that Matters, shares lessons from Moses’ life in this 4-part series. You can access the episodes on our podcast: God’s CallGod Knows BestPoint People to God and Tempted to Accommodate.

–with Jodie Niznik

Women in Public Ministry: Revisiting the Issue Series

Current scholarship requires reconsidering the biblical stories of women, according to Dr. Sandra Glahn of DTS. Watch the videos below, or if you prefer, access the podcast episodes: the 1st, the 2nd, or the 3rd.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn

Millennials: The Good, the Bad, and the Ministry Series

Maybe you’ve heard bad reports of Millennials or don’t know how to relate to them in the church. Nika Spaulding discusses them with Kay in our free series Millennials: The Good, the Bad, and the Ministry. You can listen to the four episodes on our podcast: Identifying Them, Ministering TO Millennials, Ministering WITH Millennials and Millennials and Fame.

– with Nika Spaulding
Millennials series
Resource on Millennials

Fight Right Series

Understand the nature of conflict, God’s way through it, and how allowing for the differences of others helps avoid it. The podcast episodes of 1-The Nature of Conflict, 2-Biblical Resolution and 3-Accepting Others’ Differences have been posted if you prefer that format.

–with Oletha Barnett

Fight Right Resource
Series focused on Leaders:  Empowering Leaders to Strive & Thrive through Conflict

Empowering Leaders To Survive & Thrive through Conflict Series

Has a conflict occurred under your leadership? Dr. Sue Edwards provides practical help for navigating it as a leader and insights into the ways women may respond.

– with Sue Edwards
Survive & Thrive Through Conflict series
Watch the series on Conflict basics:  Fight Right

Sexual Identity & Gender Identity

Dr. Sandra Glahn and Dr. Gary Barnes discuss sexual identity and gender identity, explaining how identity is formed and providing insight into how the church and individuals can wisely respond biblically. You can also access it on our podcast.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn and Dr. Gary Barnes.

Download Resource for Sexual Identity & Gender Identity or BOW’s Helpful Resource List

40 Questions About Women in Ministry

Dr. Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews, authors of the book 40 Questions About Women in Ministry, discuss a few of the issues and why there is disagreement with Kelly Arabie, BOW Ministry Team member. Their book aims to explain the biblical understanding behind both perspectives. Watch the video below or listen to the podcast.

–with Dr. Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews.

Post-Roe: Supporting Mothers & Babies

Sharifa Stevens, member of the BOW Ministry Team, and Kay Daigle discuss practical ways to live out a pro-life ethic now that Roe has been overturned. Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Sharia Stevens

Sexual Abuse and the Church

Mary DeMuth, author of We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis and The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible: What Their Stories Teach Us About Thriving, joins BOW Ministry Team member Kelley Mathews to discuss how we as the church should respond when a victim shares about sexual abuse. You can also access it on our podcast.

–with Mary DeMuth and Kelley Mathews

Diversity of a Different Kind

Oletha Barnett, author of Diversity of a Different Kind, joins BOW Ministry Team member Kelley Mathews to discuss dealing with our differences with others well. Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Oletha Barnett and Kelley Mathews

Seven Points to Improve Relationships Resource

Leading Toward Racial Reconciliation Series

Grow in understanding of the racial divide and how we can each help. Watch the videos below, or download/listen to the podcast episodes What is White Privilege, It’s a Gospel Issue or Reconciliation 101.

–with Sharifa Stevens and Kelley Mathews

Resources on Racial Issues

Beginning the Road to Racial Reconciliation Series

All believers can take healing steps toward our brothers and sisters. Connect to the videos below, or download/listen to the episode: “Where to Begin,” “Evaluating and Listening,” “Do’s and Don’ts” and “Empathy not Sympathy.”

–with Sharifa Stevens and Susan Seay

Resources on Racial Issues

The Forgotten Ones: Singles and the Church Series

Elizabeth Woodson shares insights from her leadership experience with singles about what ministry to this demographic is, what it should be, and how to get there. Part 1-Where We ArePart 2-Where We Should Be and Part 3-How to Get Where We Should Be are available on BOW’s podcast.

– with Elizabeth Woodson

It’s Time for a RelationSHIFT Series

In light of #metoo and #churchtoo, how do we move forward with men and women working together? Dr. Jackie Roese discusses the issues in this short 3-part series.

– with Dr. Jackie Roese

Ministry Skills

Growing Teams into Communities

Claudia McGuire joins Kay Daigle to discuss how to build a team into more than a working group, but an actual community. This is available on BOW’s podcast.

– with Claudia McGuire

Job Descriptions
Series focused on Meetings: Meetings that Work

Recruit the Right Volunteers – Lessons in Leadership

Kat Armstrong shares what’s she has learned about recruiting the right kind of leaders. Alternately listen to or download the episode on BOW’s podcast.

– with Kat Armstrong

Casting Vision Series

Vision is essential when God calls you to something big. This free three-video series will help you with the basic principles, best practices and process.

– with Debbie Stuart

Vision for the Small and Ordinary Places

Vision isn’t limited to big ministry but applies to relationships of influence. This free video encourages vision that points to the positive future. Watch the video below, or access it on BOW’s podcast.

–  with Dr. Kay Daigle

Meetings That Work Series

Do you want to lead great meetings? Watch our three short videos below on what to do before, during and after the meeting to make your time productive and enjoyable. Or if you prefer, listen to Part 1-Before, Part 2-During and Part 3-After on BOW’s podcast.

– with Claudia McGuire
Meetings That Work series

This series helps both the event coordinator and the speaker navigate speaking engagements. The first and second episodes, Questions for Potential Speakers (podcast) and Is this Speaker a Fit? (podcast) are designed to help the one searching for a speaker. The third episode As a Speaker, Do I Accept this Event?” (podcast) looks at the speaker’s part in the decision. Finally, “Growing as a Speaker” provides practical help for those who speak and teach (podcast).

– with Rebecca Carrell and Kelley Mathews

Seek Volunteers More Gifted Than You – Lessons in Leadership

Kat Armstrong explains the importance of recruiting very gifted volunteers.

– with Kat Armstrong

Be Strategic for Effective Ministry Series

Effective ministry depends on strategic planning. This very practical free 3-video series will help you prepare, plan, and proceed with implementation. Or download or listen to the series on our podcast: 1-Prepare, 2-Plan & 3-Proceed.

– with Claudia McGuire

Organic Mentoring Series

Dr. Sue Edwards lays out the challenges, provides solutions and explains the right kind of match for those who mentor millennials. Part 1 “The Challenge”, Part 2 “The Solutions” and Part 3 “Matches That Click” are available on our podcast.

– with Sue Edwards

Choosing Trustworthy Resources Series

With today’s proliferation of resources, leaders must carefully choose what we offer to others. Nika Spaulding provides helpful guidelines for biblical discernment.  Part 1 “The Problem”, Part 2 “Sorting Through Competing Voices”, and Part 3 “Determining the Central Truths of our Faith” are available on our podcast.

– with Nika Spaulding

Notes & Theological Concentric Circles