Grow your Practical Leadership Skills

BOW’s short, free conversational videos from experts are designed to help grow your leadership skills. Scroll down to see our helpful videos linked on this page.

Leadership Development Video

Additional Help for Leading:

Mommies & Ministry Series

– with Kelley Mathews and Sharifa Stevens

Are you balancing family and ministry? Watch this 3-part series for wisdom to apply to your challenges as a mom.

Millennials: The Good, the Bad, and the Ministry

– with Nika Spaulding

Maybe you’ve heard bad reports of Millennials or don’t know how to relate to them in the curch. Nika Spaulding discusses them with Kay in our free series Millennials: The Good, the Bad, and the Ministry.
Millennials series

Casting Vision Series

– with Debbie Stuart

Vision is essential when God calls you to something big. This free 3-video series will help you with the basic principles, best practices, and the process.

Vision for the Small and Ordinary Places

–  with Dr. Kay Daigle

Vision isn’t limited to big ministry but applies to relationships of influence. This free video shows how vision points to the positive future rather than daily problems.

Be Strategic for Effective Ministry Series

– with Claudia McGuire

Effective ministry depends on strategic planning. This very practical and free 3-video series will help you prepare information needed, plan strategically, and then proceed to implement the plan.

Meetings That Work Series

– with Claudia McGuire

Do you want to lead great meetings? Watch our 3 short free videos on what to do before, during, and after to make your time productive and enjoyable.
Meetings That Work series

The Forgotten Ones: Singles and the Church Series

– with Elizabeth Woodson

Elizabeth Woodson, staff member at the Village Church in Flower Mound Texas, shares insights from her leadership experience with singles as to what ministry to this demographic is now, what it should be, and how to get there.

Asking Powerful Questions Series

– with Jill Williams

Would you like deeper relationships with your friends, small group, children, or co-workers? Watch these three videos with Jill Williams, licensed coach, to learn practical skills to do so.

Framework for Fostering an Environment of Collaboration
Asking Powerful Questions Resources

Burnout Series

– with Michelle Pokorny

You’ve heard of burnout, but you’re unsure of what it is and how to avoid or overcome it. Dr. Michelle Pokorny’s short video series provides answers.

Burnout Resources

Organic Mentoring Series

– with Sue Edwards

Dr. Sue Edwards shares her expertise from her book Organic Mentoring. She lays out the challenges, provides solutions, and talks about the right kind of match for those who mentor millenials.

Helping Leaders Survive & Thrive through Conflict

– with Sue Edwards

Do you need encouragement and help because a conflict has arisen in your leadership? Dr. Sue Edwards provides practical help for navigating it as a leader and insights into the way many women respond to it.
Survive & Thrive Through Conflict series
Watch the series on Conflict basics:  Fight Right

Choosing Trustworthy Resources Series

– with Nika Spaulding

With today’s proliferation of resources, we must carefully choose what we read and study and offer to the others. Nika Spaulding provides helpful guidelines for biblical discernment.

Notes & Theological Concentric Circles

Why Study Biblical Issues for Yourself?

–  with Dr. Natalie Eastman

If you’ve ever wondered if you should take the time to discover what the Bible teaches on a subject for yourself, check out Natalie’s helpful short talk for all of us who influence others.