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Overcoming Personal Spiritual Challenges as a Leader

Why Take a Personal Retreat?

Jodie Niznik explains why a personal retreat is so essential for a healthy spiritual life, especially for leaders. Download or listen to the podcast episode here.

– with Jodie Niznik and Kay Daigle

Thriving As a Leader

What can we do as leaders to thrive while encouraging and helping other leaders to do the same? Elizabeth Woodson provides practical help.

– with Elizabeth Woodson and Kay Daigle

Healthy Habits for Lasting Ministry

How can people doing ministry last for the long haul? Nika Spaulding shares the life habits that allow her to persevere in ministry. Access the podcast episode.

– with Nika Spaulding and Kay Daigle

Feeling Overlooked, Leader?

Feeling ignored is a common feeling for both volunteers and professional leaders. How do we handle it? You can also access it on BOW’s podcast.

– with Claudia McGuire and Kay Daigle

Feeling Overwhelmed, Leader?

What does a leader do when feeling like she’s in over her head? Claudia McGuire shares insights. Listen to or download the podcast episode here.

– with Claudia McGuire and Kay Daigle

Mommies & Ministry Series

Are you balancing family and ministry? This series includes three topics that provide wisdom for your challenges as a mom.  You can access the episodes on BOW’s podcast: Boundaries for Moms in Ministry, Protect Your Kids’ Privacy and The Myth of the Biblical Superwoman.

– with Kelley Mathews and Sharifa Stevens

You Are on God’s Team Series

Do you feel ill-equipped, unprepared or inadequate to serve? Understand how God used three women in new and surprising ways and wants to use you, too. Access the podcast episodes: God Uses Your Story, God Uses Your Availability and God Uses Your Gifts.

–with Claudia McGuire and Kay Daigle

Download follow-up Resources for You Are on God’s Team

Soul Care Series

Learn about the what, why and how of soul care. Watch the videos below, or access the podcast episodes: 1- Soul Care: What Is It? 2- How Is Your Soul? 3- Nourishing Your Soul.

– with Gail Seidel and Kay Daigle

Follow Up to Videos
Invitation to COME to Jesus
Recommended Reading List

Persevering in Ministry Through Hard Times

How do you navigate tough times as a leader? Listen to or download the podcast episode here.

– with Virginia Grounds and Sharifa Stevens

Download Leading in Times of Difficulty

3 Simple Practices to Help You Embrace God’s Pace

Trying to live in step with Jesus is hard because culture pushes against it. Jodie Niznik provides some easy but life-giving suggestions. You can also access this conversation on our podcast.

– with Jodie Niznik and Kelly Arabie

Download Resources for Embrace God’s Pace

Handling Disappointment in Ministry

What can we do when we face disappointment in ministry? Watch the video below, or access the podcast episode here.

– with Lynn Etta Manning and Kelly Arabie

Ministry in Unlikely Places

Dr. Lynn Etta Manning discusses ministering in cultures unlike our own, as exemplified in the stories of Esther and Mulan. You can also access it on our podcast.

– with Lynn Etta Manning and Kelly Arabie

Dealing with Loneliness in Ministry Series

Are you experiencing loneliness as you minister? This 3-part series provides wisdom for this leadership challenge. Link to the podcast episodes: 1-Identifying It, 2-Meeting God, 3-Growing Because of It.

– with Kari Stainback and Kay Daigle

Is it Time to Move On, Leader?

Claudia McGuire provides wisdom for how to determine if it’s time to move on from a leadership position. Link to the podcast here.

– with Claudia McGuire and Kay Daigle

Love God with All Your Mind – Lessons in Leadership

Kat Armstrong shares the meaning and importance of loving God with all your mind in this video or on BOW’s podcast.

– with Kat Armstrong and Kay Daigle

Asking Powerful Questions Series

Would you like deeper relationships with your friends, small group, children, or co-workers? Jill Williams, licensed coach, provides practical skills to do so. All episodes are available as podcast episodes: 1-“The Want To, 2- “The Framework” and 3- ” The Tools.

– with Jill Williams and Kay Daigle

Download either Framework for Fostering an Environment of Collaboration or Asking Powerful Questions Resources

Burnout Series

You’ve heard of burnout, but you’re unsure of what it is and how to avoid or overcome it. Dr. Michelle Pokorny’s short video series provides answers. Link to the podcast episodes: Part 1–The Burn, Part 2–On the Brink and Part 3–Beating Burnout.

– with Michelle Pokorny and Kay Daigle

Download a list of Burnout Resources