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Interrupted by God

Unwanted interruption. Unplanned changes. God’s direction into the unknown.

God interrupts his followers. He delights in stretching, testing, teaching and using us as he moves in the bigger picture to reconcile a world to himself.

Recent comments:

  • “I love the depth in the guidance through Scripture.”
  • “I liked the journaling as opposed to fill-in-the-blank answers. This led to a lot of self-reflection and deeper understanding of God’s word.”
  • “I learned through the journaling to be more thoughtful in my reading, to personalize the stories, to see how God was working.”

Interrupted by God: A Study for the 21st Century Woman is a 7-week look at biblical stories of God breaking into the routine lives of ordinary people. Each week’s study is accompanied by a free short 5-7 minute video of a woman’s story of a life interruption. (See the links below.) Rather than focusing on the author’s comments, each weekly three-part study is based on very general, open questions that encourage journaling.

Do the study alone, with a partner or small group, or use it for your church-wide women’s Bible study.

Prices include Texas sales tax.

Watch Video: Tips for Leading a Journaling Study
  • Interrupted by God (Individual download)

  • Interrupted by God (Download for groups of 10)


Stories of "Interruptions"