Growing More Christlike

BOW’s short, free conversational videos linked on this page are designed to help you live out your faith. Or download the resources linked under the videos on this page.

Beginning the Road to Racial Reconciliation

All believers can take healing steps toward our brothers and sisters.

–with Sharifa Stevens and Susan Seay

Resources on Racial Issues

You Are on God’s Team

It’s often difficult to serve God when we don’t feel ready or adequate. This series digs into the Scripture to see how God used three women in new and surprising ways. He is ready to use you, too. The podcast of “God Uses Your Story” has been posted if you prefer that format.

–with Claudia McGuire

Resources for You Are on God’s Team

Fight Right

Understand the nature of conflict, God’s way through it, and how allowing for the differences of others helps avoid it.

–with Oletha Barnett

Fight Right Resource
Series focused on Leaders:  Empowering Leaders to Strive & Thrive through Conflict

Sharing Your Faith Story

All believers should be ready and able to share their faith stories in a non-threatening way. Through this three-part series you will learn how to prepare your own story.

–with Donna Skell and Kelley Mathews

Resource on Sharing Your Faith Story

It’s Time for a RelationSHIFT

In light of #metoo and #churchtoo, how do men and women work together? Dr. Jackie Roese discusses the issues in this short 3-part series.

–with Dr. Jackie Roese

Leading Toward Racial Reconciliation

Grow in understanding why there is a racial divide and what we can each do about it

–with Sharifa Stevens and Kelley Mathews

Resources on Racial Issues