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From Ordinary Woman to Spiritual Leader: Grow your Influence

by Kay Daigle

“It is hard to imagine a more accessible, comprehensive and practical handbook for any woman who wants to be all that God created her to be.” Dr. Alice Mathews

Although you may see yourself as merely one among millions of Christian women, God has great plans for you to leave an eternal impression on others. He has created and called you to spiritually influence those around you — your children, friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. This practical guide will help you on your own journey from ordinary woman to spiritual leader.

Practical help at the end of each chapter involves working through a Personal Action Plan with thoughtful questions to help develop your unique plan.

Group discussion questions in the Appendix make this book easy to use with leadership that’s already in place, a group of potential leaders or a mixture.

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Interview with Kay

Kay Daigle is interviewed by Sharifa Stevens about Kay’s book for Christian women.

  • From Ordinary Woman to Spiritual Leader: Grow Your Influence


"I found your book at a book store in Charleston, SC while on vacation, bought it on a whim, and it has changed my life! I am a 22-year-old entrepreneur/ full-time Accountant with a passion to share God’s word, and your book truly inspired me!" --Haley

"A friend gave me your book for Christmas. Lovely! Wanted you to know I was spurred on by the thought of strengthening your spiritual core and used that thought along with others to write a devotion for my neighborhood prayer luncheon last week... Don't know what the Lord has in store for me as a Spiritual Leader at this point in my life, but was inspired by your writing. Thank you for using your gifts to reach out to others, spurring us on to glorify our Lord!" --Suzy

"I am planning on using your text, From Ordinary Woman to Spiritual Leader, as the guide for discussion and personal reflection; I believe it is a text that will help provide what we have been praying for as we challenge women to grow and share their experience and walk with the Lord." --Lyn

"Dear Kay, I am blown apart by your words and the Word of God you are teaching. I do wish I had this tool with me on all my journeys to help me more rely on, see and more fully understand and trust God. And, I am only on chapter 3! God is using your book, the words He has put in your heart, to shake my selfish and self-centered world. I will be a different woman as I am in the 'situation' I am in." --Sandy

"First of all, Kay, your book couldn't have come at a better time for me. We have been under the stress of illness and family situations and deaths these past few years and have not fully recovered. We feel like we are disengaged from church and feel tired much of the time. We continue to turn it over to God and ask for His guidance. Your book has already been an encouragement to me and a reminder of what my calling is, and I've only read a few chapters. I'm very excited to be reading your book at this particular time. Thank you Kay!" --Mary