Teach Effectively

BOW’s short, free conversational videos are designed to help you understand the role of a teacher and grow your teaching skills.

Additional Teaching Resources:

Should I Be a Bible Teacher?

– with Kristen Pool, Susie Hawkins, and Kay Daigle

Are you drawn to teach God’s Word or have you been asked? Are you unsure of your qualifications and readiness? This video will help you make that decision.

Protecting your Kids’ Privacy as a Bible Teacher

– with Kelley Mathews and Sharifa Stevens

When is it okay to use a story or picture involving your kids and when is it not? Kelley Mathews and Sharifa Stevens discuss helpful guidelines.

Step by Step Teaching Process Series

– with Susie Hawkins, Kristen Pool and Kay Daigle

Get practical help for becoming a great Bible teacher. This free series includes guidelines for preparation, an example, and the debrief of the example. What a great help for those of us who’ve had to figure it out for ourselves!

Why Use Live Teachers, not Video

– with Susie Hawkins, Kristen Pool, and Kay Daigle

There are terrific Bible teachers on video. So why bother finding a local teacher? There are good biblical and practical reasons.

Know Your Audience!

– with Susie Hawkins, Kristen Pool, and Kay Daigle

Doing intense study and writing a powerful message may not be enough. Here are some great tips for connecting with age groups and different backgrounds.

Why Study Biblical Issues for Yourself?

–  with Dr. Natalie Eastman

If you’ve ever wondered if you should take the time to discover what the Bible teaches on a subject for yourself, check out Natalie’s helpful short talk for all of us who influence others.