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Kingdom Living

A Study of the Sermon on the Mount

How would Jesus have his people live at a time when division, rancor and arrogance permeate the church and our interactions with our culture? In the Sermon on the Mount, we find a way of life that reflects his character and his priorities.

This 10-week study involves weekly three-part lessons with open-ended questions that force the student to think deeply about the Scriptures and her own life, recording her answers in a personal journal. (See the links below.)

Do the study alone, with a partner or small group, or use it in your church-wide women’s Bible study.

Prices are for the download and include Texas sales tax. Paperback and Kindle copies are available through Amazon.

  • Kingdom Living (Individual download)

  • Kingdom Living (Download for groups of 10)

Watch Video: Tips for Leading a Journaling Study