Leadership Development

Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries provides a host of great resources to grow women as leaders.
Leadership Development Video

Godly Living

Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries provides resources that apply not only to leaders, but to all believers.
  • Grow in Christlikeness through our free videos and downloads.
  • Watch BOW’s video series with coach Jill Williams Asking Powerful Questions to help you as a leader, mentor, or parent.
  • Consider our series You Are on God’s Team, to see how God may want to use you, or download Claudia McGuire’s practical ideas
  • In the midst of a U.S. divide over race, watch our free 3-part video series to better understand the issues and help move God’s people toward unity in the church.
  • Learning to deal with conflict well is imperative for godly living. Everyone should watch the 3-part series  Fight Right with expert Oletha Barnett.

Bible Studies

Our low cost journaling studies are designed for women of all ages and maturity levels. Classic 5-day studies may be available as an option.
  • An Anchor for the Soul points us to the same God of both the OT and the NT. This 9-lesson study of the Minor Prophets speaks to our culture today. Don’t miss it!
  • Near to the Heart of God covers selected psalms in both journaling or classic 5-day study formats – thus appealing to all generations in one small group.
  • Preview BOW’s other well-received journaling studies: The ONE StoryWho is this Jesus?, A Walk of Faith, and Interrupted by God.
  • Do you wonder how the journaling study works? Look at a study preview and/or watch our free short video for tips for leading one.
  • Many of Kay’s previous 5-day study format Bible studies are available for free downloads at bible.org, and a few can be purchased in book form at Amazon.

Under-Resourced Church Support

When your church is under-resourced by size, age, demographics, or location, Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries works to provide free or low-cost leadership consulting/coaching, leadership training, speaking, and print resources.