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Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries provides a host of great resources under these broad topics:
Leadership Development to grow your skills
Godly Living for every Christian
Church Issues for the whole church and its people
Caring Well to grow in practical love
Bible Studies for personal or small group discipleship

Leadership Development

We offer free, short videos and video series to help you grow as a leader.

What kind of leadership skills do you need?
• General Leadership

What other resources can help you?

Let us know your area of need as we plan future resources.

Godly Living

BOW provides resources that apply not only to leaders, but to all believers.

Grow in Christlikeness through our free videos

Church Issues

The modern church and its people are facing difficult issues in today’s world. We provide biblically-based conversations to help navigate those topics on BOW’s podcast and videos. Contact us with ideas for other issues you’d like us to tackle.

Our free videos on difficult topics facing the church

  • Recognizing Rape Culture What is rape culture and how can we help bring change?
  • Purity Culture: A Corrective Dr. Sandra Glahn of DTS and Sharifa Stevens discuss why purity culture arose, what went wrong and how we should approach purity.
  • Becoming Pursuers of God Michelle Clifford shares a vision for discipleship and the basics of her unique course, Pursuit.
  • Is Motherhood Our Highest Calling? Dr. Glahn discusses her latest book, Nobody’s Mother: Artemis of the Ephesians in Antiquity and the New Testament, and how Artemis relates to the idea that motherhood is a Christian woman’s highest calling.
  • Ministering to GenZ Gen Z is the latest generation now becoming adults. As we learn about them, how does the church respond well to their needs? Nika Spaulding joins Kay Daigle for this insightful conversation.
  • Women and the Gender of God Author Dr. Amy Peeler discusses how God’s gender is good news for women.
  • 40 Questions About Women in Ministry Dr. Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews, authors of the book 40 Questions About Women in Ministry, discuss some of the major issues with Kelly Arabie, BOW Ministry Team member.
  • Sexual Identity & Gender Identity Dr. Sandra Glahn and Dr. Gary Barnes discuss sexual identity and gender identity, including ways the church and individuals can wisely respond biblically.
  • Gender and Scripture Claudia McGuire interviews Dr. Sandra Glahn of DTS about gender and common misconceptions about what gender is and what the Bible teaches.
  • Re-Imagining Discipleship Series. Many conversations today within Christianity echo the surrounding culture more than Jesus’ words and present symptoms of a problem–lack of biblical discipleship. All episodes are now available: A Theological Perspective, A Spiritual Formation Perspective, A Church Leader Perspective, A Missions Perspective and A Kingdom Perspective. 
  • Post-Roe: Supporting Mothers and Babies How do we as the church support mothers who would have considered abortion before the Dobbs decision? Sharifa Stevens and Kay Daigle discuss it.
  • Sexual Abuse and the Church Mary DeMuth shares how we as the church should respond when a victim shares about sexual abuse.
  • Biblical Archaeology Angela Everett helps all believers understand how archaeological discoveries support the historicity of the Bible and increase our faith as she talks about a few of the major artifacts.
  • Justice in the Bible with Nika Spaulding and Kay Daigle overviews what the Bible says about this all important topic.
  • Biblical Manhood and Womanhood with Dr. Sandra Glahn takes a closer look at what the Bible actually says about this topic in contrast to what is actually cultural instead. 
  • On the issue of racial division we have two series: Leading Toward Racial Reconciliation for leaders and Beginning the Road to Racial Reconciliation for all of us.
  • Elizabeth Woodson provides the church guidance for ministering well to singles in The Forgotten Ones: Singles and the Church.
  • Women in Public Ministry: Revisiting the Issue series with Dr. Sandra Glahn.
  • It’s Time for a RelationSHIFT Dr. Jackie Roese discusses a better way for women & men in the church working together.

Caring Well

God has designed those in the church to care well for others. Our videos can help!

Videos to help us follow Jesus’ commands to love

Bible Studies

Our low-cost studies are designed for all ages and maturity levels while stretching everyone to grow. We prioritize discipleship, not just knowledge. Understanding the context of the Bible and the context of the culture are essential to rightly grasp the meaning and the application of the Scriptures.
We’ve called some of our studies journaling studies, but that just means that you write down your answers on your own paper or computer.

Here’s a preview example. 

From Ordinary Woman to Spiritual Leader: Grow your Influence

by Kay Daigle

One thing that I have discovered is that every woman leads someone. Perhaps you influence a friend, child, co-worker or neighbor. You may also lead a group, large or small. Because this book is designed to help you seek God more deeply and better understand your calling, you will be challenged spiritually through its principles. It will help you influence others more intentionally. My prayer is that it will bring you encouragement and that God will use it to grow you as a leader in your sphere of influence. –Kay