Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries provides a host of great resources for women under these broad topics: Leadership Development to grow your skills, Godly Living for every Christian, Caring Well to grow in practical love, and Bible Studies for personal or small group discipleship.

Leadership Development

We offer free, short videos or video series to help you grow as a leader.

What kind of leadership skills do you need?
• General Leadership

What other resources can help you?

Let us know your area of need as we plan future resources.

Godly Living

BOW provides resources that apply not only to leaders, but to all believers.

Grow in Christlikeness through our free videos:

Caring Well

God has designed those in the church to care well for others. Our videos can help!

Bible Studies

Our low cost studies are designed for all ages and maturity levels while stretching everyone to grow. What’s a journaling study? It’s not art or anything difficult. It’s simply answering open questions on your own paper!


Do you wonder how the journaling study works? Look at an example study preview and/or watch our free short video for tips for leading one.

From Ordinary Woman to Spiritual Leader: Grow your Influence

by Kay Daigle

One thing that I have discovered is that every woman leads someone. Perhaps you influence a friend, child, co-worker, or neighbor. You may also lead a group, large or small. Because this book is designed to help you seek God more deeply and better understand your calling, you will be challenged spiritually through its principles. It will help you influence others more intentionally. My prayer is that it will bring you encouragement and that God will use it to grow you as a leader in your sphere of influence. –Kay