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Coming Home to Jesus

A Study of of the Gospel of Luke

Walk through the life of Christ as he works miracles, teaches the crowds and his disciples, disrupts the religious groups of his day and experiences torture and crucifixion. Fall in love with Jesus for the first time, or anew, as you spend time focusing on him. Hear his message of love that calls all of us to come home.

This 10-week study with 9 lessons involves weekly three-part lessons with open-ended questions that force the student to think deeply about the Scriptures and her own life, recording her answers in a personal journal. (See the links below.)

Do the study alone, with a partner or small group, or use it in your church-wide women’s Bible study.

Prices are for the download and include Texas sales tax.

  • Coming Home to Jesus (Individual download)

  • Coming Home to Jesus (Download for groups of 10)

Contact us for groups that are larger than ten members
Watch Video: Tips for Leading a Journaling Study