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Dealing with Difficult Matters Facing the Church

Whether we are on church staffs, serve as volunteers or exert influence in our life spheres, awareness of these topics is important. Watch on video or listen to BOW’s podcast to people who have studied and dealt with these issues. The links given go to the podcast episodes.

Ministering to Gen Z

Gen Z is the latest generation now becoming adults. As we learn about them, how can the church respond well to their needs? Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Nika Spaulding and Kay Daigle

Helpful Resource List

Women and the Gender of God

Dr. Amy Peeler, author of Women and the Gender of God, joins BOW Ministry Team member Sharifa Stevens in a conversation you won’t want to miss about God and gender. Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Dr. Amy Peeler and Sharifa Stevens.

Gender and Scripture

Dr. Sandra Glahn of DTS discusses gender– common misconceptions about it and application in the scriptures. Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn and Claudia McGuire.

Download BOW’s Helpful Resource List

Re-Imagining Discipleship

The state of the American church suggests that our discipleship models need reworking. The five videos of this series can be accessed below, or listen to the podcast episodes of Nika Spaulding’s A Theological Perspective, Debbie Swindoll’s A Spiritual Formation Perspective, Elizabeth Woodson’s A Church Leader Perspective, Susan Binion’s A Missions Perspective and Kay Daigle’s A Kingdom Perspective.

–with Nika Spaulding, Debbie Swindoll, Elizabeth Woodson, Susan Binion & Kay Daigle.

Download either Resources on Re-Imagining Discipleship or Kingdom Prayers

Post-Roe: Supporting Mothers & Babies

What are some practical ways to live out a pro-life ethic now that Roe has been overturned? Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Sharia Stevens and Kay Daigle

Justice in the Bible

The Bible says a whole lot about justice, as Nika Spaulding proves. All three episodes are available on our podcast:  1 – Defining Justice, 2- Justice in the Old Testament” and 3- Justice in the New Testament.

–with Nika Spaulding and Kay Daigle

Resources on Justice

Leading Toward Racial Reconciliation

Grow in understanding of the reasons for the racial divide and help with what to do about it. Watch the videos below, or download/listen to the podcast episodes “What is White Privilege“, “It’s a Gospel Issue” or “Reconciliation 101“.

–with Sharifa Stevens and Kelley Mathews

Resources on Racial Issues

The Forgotten Ones: Singles and the Church Series

Elizabeth Woodson shares insights from her leadership experience with singles to help the church care well for them. Part 1-Where We ArePart 2-Where We Should Be and Part 3-How to Get Where We Should Be are available on BOW’s podcast.

– with Elizabeth Woodson and Kay Daigle

It’s Time for a RelationSHIFT

In light of #metoo and #churchtoo, how do men and women work together? Dr. Jackie Roese discusses the issues in this short 3-part series.

–with Dr. Jackie Roese and Kay Daigle

Recognizing Rape Culture

Dr. Joy Skarka joins Kay Daigle to define and explain rape culture and suggest how we can help bring change.

–with Dr. Joy Skarka and Kay Daigle

Download Resources for Recognizing Rape Culture

Purity Culture: A Corrective

Why did purity culture arise, what went wrong and how should we approach purity. You can also access it on our podcast.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn and Sharia Stevens

Download Dr. Glahn’s Purity Culture Resource

Becoming Pursuers of God

Are the Christians in your church stuck, not growing, not knowing how to live their faith out? Michelle Clifford has created a unique curriculum, Pursuit, to develop passionate followers of Christ. She discusses why she created it, its elements, how it works and what how it differs from the programs we often consider discipleship. This episode is also available on BOW’s podcast.

–with Michelle Clifford and Kelley Mathews

Is Motherhood Our Highest Calling?

Dr. Glahn discusses her latest book, Nobody’s Mother: Artemis of the Ephesians in Antiquity and the New Testament, and how Artemis relates to the idea that motherhood is a Christian woman’s highest calling. Listen to the podcast.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn and Kay Daigle

Barbie, the Bible and Feminism

The Barbie movie is a blockbuster. How does its message about women and men compare to God’s? What is feminism in general and how has it affected our lives today?  You can also access it on our podcast.

–with Cheyenne Coote and Kay Daigle.

Download BOW’s Helpful Resource List

40 Questions About Women in Ministry

Dr. Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews, authors of the book 40 Questions About Women in Ministry, discuss a few of the issues and why there is disagreement with Kelly Arabie, BOW Ministry Team member. Their book aims to explain the biblical understanding behind both perspectives. Listen to the podcast.

–with Dr. Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews.

Sexual Identity & Gender Identity

Dr. Sandra Glahn and Dr. Gary Barnes of DTS explain how identity is formed and provide insight into how the church and individuals can wisely respond biblically. You can also access it on our podcast.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn, Dr. Gary Barnes and Kay Daigle.

Download Resource for Sexual Identity & Gender Identity or BOW’s Helpful Resource List

Sexual Abuse and the Church

Mary DeMuth, author of We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis and The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible: What Their Stories Teach Us About Thriving, discusses discuss how we as the church should respond when a victim shares about sexual abuse. You can also access it on our podcast.

–with Mary DeMuth and Kelley Mathews

Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

What’s biblical and what’s cultural? How do we live faithfully embodied as male and female? Dr. Sandra Glahn discusses it with Sharifa Stevens. Listen to or download the podcast.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn and Sharifa Stevens

Beginning the Road to Racial Reconciliation

All believers can take healing steps toward our brothers and sisters. Watch the videos below, or download/listen to 1- Where to Begin, 2- Evaluating and Listening, 3- Do’s and Don’ts and 4- Empathy not Sympathy.

–with Sharifa Stevens and Susan Seay

Resources on Racial Issues

Women in Public Ministry: Revisiting the Issue Series

Current scholarship requires reconsidering the biblical stories of women, according to Dr. Sandra Glahn of DTS. Watch the videos below, or access the podcast episodes: the 1st, the 2nd, or the 3rd.

–with Dr. Sandra Glahn and Kay Daigle

Biblical Archaeology

Understand how biblical archaeology gives us confidence in the historicity of the Bible and increases our faith. Part 1-Why Is It Important?, Part 2-Old Testament Discoveries and Part 3-New Testament Discoveries are available on BOW’s podcast.

– with Angela Everett and Kay Daigle