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Leading a Small Group Toward Spiritual Growth 3: Discussions

By July 1, 2024No Comments

Kelly Arabie photoDo you want to lead small group discussions toward spiritual growth? Do you feel you’re just treading water with your small group? What can you do as the leader to cultivate disciples?  Kelly Arabie and Kay Daigle talk about ways to lead small group discussions and promote spiritual growth at the same time. Grow as a leader so that you encourage spiritual maturity in this third of three videos/podcast episodes. Part 1 – Essentials, and part 2 – Preparation are available on podcast.

You can connect to the video version if you prefer. Don’t miss the helpful resources found below.  Feel free to contact BOW at

Podcast Topics

1:29 Contrasting ways of leading small groups don’t and do foster spiritual growth
3:10 Primary elements of good discussions
6:14 Allowing the Spirit to lead
7:06 Continuing to grow as a leader
7:46 Group dynamics
8:24 Leader as shepherd
9:24 Small group leader handbook
9:49 A word to leaders implementing this process
10:38 Action points from this episode

Action Points for Leading a Small Group Toward Spiritual Growth 3: Discussions

FYI: The “Open Questions” and Small Group Leadership Handbook resource links are found below, as well as on the “Podcast/Video Extras” page.

Journal about these questions or discuss them with a more experienced leader:

    • What do you think is the hardest part of leading a discussion and why?
    • How have you seen a small group leader deal with a problem well?
    • Why or why not should time for prayer as a group be prioritized?


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