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Leading a Small Group Toward Spiritual Growth–Essentials

By June 4, 2024No Comments

"Having a leader who understands that she's in process is very, very important…” – Kelly ArabieWhat essentials are necessary to lead your small group to spiritual growth? You can take actions right now that will help! Incorporate a few necessary ingredients to foster discipleship in your group, and listen to the encouraging ideas from Kelly Arabie, BOW Ministry Team Member, and you’ll soon be focusing on the essentials to lead your group toward spiritual growth yourself. In this first of three episodes from a conversation, Kelly shows  her shepherd’s heart, and she explains and illustrates these necessary ingredients for Kay Daigle, Founder of Beyond Ordinary Women.

And alternately, you can connect to the video version if you want to watch the conversation and also listen in. And please don’t miss browsing the helpful resources found below for leading small groups. Do you have questions? Contact Kay Daigle today at

Action Points for Leading a Small Group Toward Spiritual Growth 1: Essentials

Reflect on these questions by personal journaling or having a conversation with a like-minded friend:

  • What experiences have shaped your personal growth in small groups?
  • What would your ideal small group achieve?
  • What would it have to look like to make that happen?

Evaluate which area of a healthy Bible study small group found below you most need help with and consider why:

  • Peer Learning
  • Bible-based questions
  • Care
  • Practical skills leading a discussion

Reflect on this question through journaling or conversation with a like-minded friend: If you have never led a group, which area most concerns you and why?


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