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5 Steps to a Terrible Small Group

By April 11, 2018No Comments
  1. As the leader, talk as much as possible. The group is a captive audience, so be sure to share with them all that God is showing you in your study of the Word. This will also show them what to look for as they complete their lesson for next week.
  2. Never allow silence. You can’t let people think you’re not prepared, and if they’ve done their lessons, they’ll all have answers to share. A quiet group is an unproductive group.
  3. Make sure the conversation is lively. As long as they are talking, even if it’s about yesterday’s headlines or Martha’s great-aunt’s back surgery, everyone will feel at ease.
  4. Cover every question from your study’s homework. This is important. Everyone needs to know the right answer, and if you don’t cover every one, how will they know whether they got it right?
  5. Never allow questions that aren’t specifically from your lesson. You need to maintain control of the conversation. If everyone asks the questions they uncovered in their study time, you’ll never get to the end and follow an endless route of bunny trails.

Well, hopefully we can all laugh and see how these five missteps really will lead to a terrible small group experience. We’d love to help you with your small group questions and equip you to have wonderful discussions that lead to lasting transformation. Check out our video resources here or leave a comment below.

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