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Leading a Small Group Toward Spiritual Growth 2–Preparation

By June 18, 2024No Comments

To lead your small group toward spiritual growth requires preparation for the leader. Kelly Arabie joins Kay Daigle in the second podcast in this series of three so small group leaders can prepare well to be ready for the group meeting.

Sometimes we think of leading a small group as simply getting each member to talk and at the same time keeping the conversation on track. But if our goal is spiritual growth for the group members, it requires more than showing up and reading questions from the lesson. This kind of leadership requires deliberate preparation in several areas for the leader.

You can connect to the video version if you prefer, and don’t miss the helpful resources found below. Feel free to contact BOW at if you have questions. If you missed Part 1 of this series, Essentials, connect to the podcast.

Action Points for Leading a Small Group Toward Spiritual Growth 2: Preparation
(FYI: You can download the pdf version of these Action Points as well as the  “Asking Open Questions” resource linked below under Resources.)

Journal about these questions, or discuss them with a more experienced leader:

  • What has been your understanding of discipleship previously?
  • How does it differ from what you heard on this video?
  • How is your learning different when it arises in a group discussion than when it comes from a sermon or lecture?
  • What most excites you about leading this kind of group?

Resources for Small Group leaders

Podcast Topics

0:33 Intro & defining a disciple
3:53 Discipleship in a small group
4:48 What is the role of the small group leader then?
5:42 What does the leader’s preparation look like?
7:51 What does shepherding the group members look like?
8:18 Preparing in prayer
9:36 Preparing through the content
10:48 Action points for processing this episode

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