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Meet Kelly Arabie, New BOW Ministry Team Member

By April 21, 2015June 1st, 2022No Comments

KellyArabieI am thrilled that Kelly Arabie has joined the wonderful group of women on our Bow Ministry Team, in place who are available to serve you as women in leadership and as under-resourced churches. As you read my interview with Kelly, you will understand why I wanted her on our team. She is now available to help you with discipleship and small group leadership training, consulting, coaching, or   or mentoring you as a leader.

I first met Kelly at Dallas Seminary where we attended a number of classes together, and we have enjoyed a friendship ever since. I know that we will all benefit from her wisdom and compassion. You can read her bio here.

Q: Kelly, why do you want to be involved in this ministry, Beyond Ordinary Women?

A: I believe God has a vision for His women in the Body of Christ. We are to be mature in our knowledge of God, living in healthy community, walking with Christ through the power of the Spirit, embracing our God-given bents. We are to be about equipping the saints for the work of the ministry until the entire Body reaches maturity (Ephesians 4).  I believe the mission of Beyond Ordinary Women exists for that purpose and want to be a part of helping women minister to women.

Q: If you wrote an open letter to women who follow Christ, what would you tell them?

A: God created us uniquely, and we are each created in His image. We each have things about ourselves we’d change if we could. But God allows those limitations for a reason. Like Paul who contended with the thorn in his flesh, like Peter who denied Christ 3 times, like Moses who was a reluctant leader, or Elijah who felt utterly alone, we are broken.  It is that very brokenness that God uses to cause His power to come to full strength (2 Corinthians 12:9). God shows up in our fragile vessels (2 Corinthans 4). My prayer for women worldwide is that we embrace God’s plan and trust Him, even when we feel weak.

Q: How did your time working at Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll’s ministry) teach you about ministering to women?

A: Women have similar struggles, in all regions of the country, in all countries on our planet. We are not alone. God’s Word provides what we need for life and godliness in every stage and every season of life.

Q: How did your other experiences and training prepare you to help churches and women leaders?

A: I’ve had the privilege recently of working in leadership team environments where each woman was able to use her God-given abilities, whether speaking or facilitating small groups or administrative skill or shepherding. We worked together as a team and saw God accomplish something extraordinary, something that wouldn’t have been possible through any one woman alone. I’m not sure many women today have the context to work successfully in teams. We allow other things to get in the way, and we aren’t as effective as we might be.

I’ve also learned the value of my limitations. I’ve failed at times and learned what doesn’t work. All of that helps me to listen and relate to women who are charting their own course in following God.

Lastly, God has taught me to be responsible for the care of my own soul. I’ve neglected it at times and paid the price for such neglect. I’m passionate about helping women listen to their souls and hear the way God speaks to them in quiet spaces.

Q: What would you say that women miss if they are not involved in a small group of women?

A: So much! God designed us to live in community. To pray together, share life together. We need the support others provide, and they need us involved in their lives. Small groups have been the place I experienced the most growth.

Q: What advice and encouragement would you give to a woman in a church without a ministry to women who sees a need for it?

A: One person makes a difference. Invite someone to coffee. Open your home for a Bible study. Find a likeminded woman and pray asking God to provide. Be open-minded and creative, and watch God at work among you.

Thank you so much, Kelly. Welcome to the team!

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