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Proceeding with Your Ministry Plan

By March 2, 2017April 11th, 2022No Comments

Now that you have a ministry plan with vision, goals, strategies and action steps in place, it is time to proceed with the plan. This is where the rubber meets the road. Strategic plans should be followed by strategic action. Otherwise, why make plans?

I recently wrote a series of posts on a decision-making model called G-R-O-W which can be used in many life, financial or ministry decisions.

Look at your action steps and ask what and who is needed to make these things happen? If it is time to put a new ministry team together or add to your team, who is needed? Do you need a Bible study coordinator? Teacher? Discussion group leaders? Hospitality team leader? Prayer, event planning or service coordinators? What strengths are you looking for? Who is a good fit for the need?

Do you have job or ministry descriptions for these specific roles within your ministry? Taking the time to design and write these descriptions including expectations, timelines and specific responsibilities will help your leaders and volunteers feel so equipped and valued. When you do invite someone onto your ministry team and you hand them a ministry description for the role, you have given them a huge gift. This will help set them up for success. It helps build confidence and competence.

If you have a team already in place, make sure you communicate well with them. If they have not been a part of the planning process up to this point, it is time for a meeting. They will love that you have prayed about and have plans for the coming year. Let them hear your heart and your vision for being more intentional in ministry going forward. Let them know how each one of them has a vital role in moving the ministry from vision to reality. Monthly meetings with them that include communication and evaluation should be ongoing. Inspire them with what could be! (Search MEETINGS on this blog for help or watch our free videos.)

Make sure you equip your ministry leader and volunteer teams. You want them to succeed in ministry because when they do, the church or entire organization succeeds. People are loved on, saved, and their faith grows when you have equipped teams and intentional ministry. Look at how Jesus equipped His followers:

  • He asked them to join Him
  • He communicated the vision
  • He spent time with them and opened His heart and life to them
  • He prayed with them
  • He challenged them
  • He modeled ministry to them
  • He sent them out to do ministry
  • He reviewed it with them afterwards

In addition, what resources will you need for your ministry? What financial needs do you anticipate? How will you meet these? What materials are needed? How will they be purchased? What equipment will you need? What about speakers, childcare or meeting rooms? Will you charge participants a materials fee? Childcare fee? Event fee? These are some of the questions to work through and put on paper with your plan.

Your church or organization might not have any formal or corporate ministry planning process in place, but that does not mean that you can’t do your own. Be strategic about the desired future and fruit of your ministry and see where God takes it!

You can watch and hear Claudia discuss this topic on our free videos.

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