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Who’s in Charge?

By July 20, 2013April 5th, 2016No Comments

messinessDisorder drives me crazy! My workspace needs at least some semblance of order; my computer files need to make sense; and my daily life requires a plan if I ever get anything done. Such order becomes even more necessary when a number of people are working together toward the same goals. Boundaries and responsibilities must be clear or the group risks forgetting important tasks or stepping all over one another trying to do the same work. There must be a plan in place to be sure every job is covered and completed.

Whether you are part of ministry in a small church, a large church, or a para-church, you must think through how to accomplish your purposes. Once your team has discovered God’s vision for your ministry, it is vital that someone organize the tasks to determine what must be done, who will do it, and to whom she is responsible.

Can’t we just let the organization be organic? No, because it never works as it should. Although you need a plan, it doesn’t have to be complex or overdone. What is essential to achieve your vision? What must be done and how can it be accomplished simply? What basics are necessary? Stick with those, but organize the responsibilities.

I have found job descriptions to be so very helpful. They get everyone on the same page because they educate each team member about not only her own part of the task, but also what areas the other members will take care of. She is able to see how her work intersects with the rest of the group, freeing her to take charge of her part and enabling her to recognize how vital her work is to the overall vision. Think through the various aspects of the work and how to divide it. Then, write out job descriptions for each role. If you have never written a job description, you may find the examples in my article on helpful.

No matter how large or small your ministry, consider making it clear who is in charge of what. You will save yourself from overlooking vital tasks and possible inter-team problems when there is no clarity about who does what.

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