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Pharisees Make Good Neighbors with Nika Spaulding

By August 22, 2023August 24th, 2023No Comments

We’ve all heard about the Pharisees! We know them as legalistic, hypocritical and anti-Jesus. You might be surprised to learn, as I did, that we would love them as our neighbors. Nika Spaulding helps us understand what other writings of that era tell us about them. This episode is also available in a video version.

@2:05 – Why do we need to talk about the Pharisees?
@3:36 – Who should be listening to this conversation?
@7:25 – What do we need to know about the Pharisees that we haven’t heard before?
@16:55 – What do we do with the passages where Jesus and the Pharisees seem to be fighting?
@25:05 – How can we be more careful with the text?
@27:46 – What two or three things should we remember?
@34:00 – How can our churches be more welcoming?

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