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Pastors: Why Women’s Ministry?

By June 21, 2013May 6th, 20242 Comments

Having spent a total of ten years on church staffs, I respect the multitude of balls that you as a pastor must juggle. Your congregation likely expects you to be a Jack-of-all-trades, church-wise. Surely you can shepherd your flock well; counsel anyone who needs help with marriage, singleness, or direction; preach like the best on TV; be an expert on the Scriptures; preside well over weddings and funerals; visit the sick and home-bound; disciple church leaders and staff; prepare budgets and find ways to increase donations; know every parishioner well; and provide leadership for all ministry. (And don’t forget that you spouse must likewise do it all.)

The needs are overwhelming, and high expectations are stifling. If you serve in a church that is small or situated in an economically disadvantaged community, you may be the lone staff member or the only full-time one. You can’t do it all.

Understandably, ministry to women is not at the top of your to-do list. They receive ministry along with the men so is something designed specifically for women necessary? Should you take the lead to initiate it?

The answer is yes!

Women tend to be different from men; we have unique roles and deal with distinctive cultural and life circumstances. Most women want to connect deeply with other women. Titus 2 places responsibility on godly, older, and more experienced women to teach younger wives about marriage and family. The passage lays down the example that women disciple one another across generations, even in our culture where not all women are married.

Please consider initiating ministry for and by women. It doesn’t need to be costly or involved. A simple plan works best, whatever your size or budget. This is one ministry you can easily give away. No one expects you to lead the women’s ministry; it’s a load you don’t have to carry.

Where to begin? Prayerfully seek out one to three women who have proven themselves faithful, wise, and mature and who have hearts for the unique needs of women. Ask your church leaders to join them in praying for guidance as to God’s purpose, a simple strategic way to implement that purpose, and for its leaders. Delegate the responsibility and the power to a small team of women, and watch God use them to grow the women of your church into women of influence, both in the church and in your community.

BOW is here to help your under-resourced church in age, size, or income without charge. Many of our blog posts provide direction, but having an experienced woman consult, coach or train your leaders, or speak to the women at large provides added wisdom. Contact us today.


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