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What Do You Expect?

By December 8, 2016No Comments

Many times our expectations run high during the end of year holidays. We long for peace and for things to be wrapped up with a big, successful bow. These expectations, and our myriad of others, are sometimes beautifully realized. Other times, they never work out the way we anticipated.

I might have great expectations for myself and my plans, but I cannot always control the outcomes. Having a plan B (or C, D…) can be helpful. Sometimes my expectations don’t paint a realistic picture. And when it comes to having certain expectations for others, I’ve learned to practice contentment.  I am not the author of their journey nor how it is being walked out. I just need to cooperate with God as He works in and through others and continue to ask Him if he wants to use me in that process.

As a worker, I expect that my work will be done well, with integrity and it will be accepted or challenged by my team or supervisor.

As a leader of a group, I expect the group to live into team goals and their personal goals. I do expect that plans will develop, meetings will be scheduled, people will be valued, conversations will occur and lives will be changed in some way.

As a writer, I expect to have words. Not that they all necessarily mean anything or go anywhere, but I have them! I expect to get stuck or distracted and frustrated and then rewarded when I stick to the purpose and push through.

As a person in this world, I have expectations of something more; something better. Kinder people. Helpful hearts. Less pain. More love. But, I can only plan how I will be a participant in this and therefore, be of help to others.

So, what are your expectations as the year winds down or the new year winds up? Ask God to show you if you need to press on or change course. Surrender your great expectations to Him. He will always show up but not always in the ways you expect.

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