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Leadership is challenging and hard even in the best of situations. Often leaders begin to feel very alone as we struggle with busyness, expectations, disappointments and misunderstandings. Personally, I learned that having friends in leadership provided safe places to share my disappointments, feelings and struggles outside of my ministry context as both a volunteer leader or a minister in a church. I tried for far too long to keep my personal needs between myself and God. But he made us for community, and we need to humbly seek out that help.

Do you ever feel alone as a leader? Do you wish you had a safe place to discuss your own struggles, needs and disappointments as a person and a leader? BOW offers you that point of connection through The Safe.

What is The Safe? Online small groups purposed to encourage, network and support women in Christian leadership of any kind.

Why? BOW’s team knows what it’s like to need fellowship and support from other leaders. The Safe is a place for women in Christian leadership to connect with their peers for support, wisdom and prayer.

When? These groups will meet every other week for three or four sessions led by an experienced leader with leadership experience. We’ve had two wonderful groups so far and will continue creating new groups when we have at least three women join.

Topic? The first two sessions will focus on the health of our spiritual lives and community/family support, and subsequent topics will be chosen by the group members.

Where? Via Zoom of course!

How do I sign up?  Click here to register. Please mark all times that you can attend. Contact BOW if the options don’t work or you have questions. We can put you down for later groups at a time that does work for you.

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