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I’ve decided that my husband isn’t gifted at finding things. Often I watch him walk in circles for several minutes just looking around. And so I ask, “What are you looking for?” If I don’t already know where the item is, I join the hunt, and more often than not, I find it fairly easily or ask him a question that helps him discover it. 

Sometimes I think he gives up searching just so that I’ll find it for him, but he denies it. 

It’s so nice when someone else picks up what you can’t do easily or well, and I am so grateful to those who often do that for me. (And my husband is the one who does this most often for me because I, too, am not gifted at everything.) 

I have learned that whatever my role at work, home, or community, it always involves responsibilities outside my giftedness. Generally, I only take on work that God has made me to do, but even then there’s always something I hate doing or can’t do well. 

Our weaknesses give us great opportunities if we just recognize them:

      • Increased humility as our desperation forces us to admit our weaknesses and turn to others.
      • A reminder of our dependence on God and not ourselves.
      • More investment in community, realizing that working together is more fruitful and easier than doing it alone.
      • Learning to recruit help and delegate those tasks that take extra time and effort to do because we aren’t good at them.
      • Deepened team and community spirit as we work together. 

This past week has been full of responsibilities and tasks that I hate. Just this morning I had to clean out files and think about what I need to gather for us to begin working on our taxes. Although we have delegated the larger task to an accountant because we know we are in over our heads on this one, we have to organize everything, as we all do. But once we gather it all, my husband and will sit and work together to get it ready. And that’s a great opportunity to be a team. 

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