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"Every woman is a woman of influence - she just may not know it yet."

- Kay Daigle


Preparing Christian women for leadership. 

Our Resources

Bible Studies

Our studies encourage and disciple women through deep personal interaction with God’s Word and connection in small groups.

Leadership Development

BOW’s free resources help you lead with confidence. Whatever your calling, our videos and podcast episodes will help equip you.

Church Issues

The modern church and its people are facing difficult issues in today’s world. We provide biblically-based conversations to help navigate those topics on BOW’s podcast and videos.

Godly Living

Living faith out can be challenging in our world. Access our free resources for help in living as Jesus did.

Caring Well

“Love one another as I have loved you.” BOW’s free resources provide practical help to obey Christ’s command.

Beginning a women’s ministry from scratch, in a small rural bible church was a daunting task! Kay Daigle and BOW have proved to be an invaluable resource over and over again. From advice on techniques like “storying” that fit my groups needs perfectly, to how to handle sticky interpersonal issues, and the support of prayer warriors in the midst of spiritual attack! Every time I think I’m stuck, BOW has helped with a solution! It’s great to have someone to turn to myself, when everyone is turning to me!!

Rebecca SchumacherLeader of Women’s Ministry at Ennis Bible Church

I have listened to some of the vignettes on your website and have read through some of the books suggested...thank you for all you have's inspiring and encouraging as we are growing the ministry to women in our church.

LynnEquipping women for leadership in her church

We belong to a small church and are desiring to revive our Women’s Ministry. Kay met with myself and another member to discuss ways to develop and deepen the relationships of the women in our church. We left the meeting feeling encouraged and hopeful. We felt like we had a direction to take us forward. Kay’s wisdom and insight were very helpful.

Kim CarperHighland Baptist Church. Dallas