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Why is it that we so often feel that we are just waiting for the big thing right around the corner: the big break, the public recognition, the promotion, the successful ministry, the numbers? The belief that achievement is coming gives us reason to expect the next path in the road will lead us there.
I see this when I watch reality show contests like The Voice, American Idol, Project Runway, and Top Chef. Although the competitors are all greatly talented, most of them verbalize in one way or the other how much of their self-worth is based on how well they do on the show. Our culture likes winners, making us all feel somewhat lesser if we don’t end up doing something big.

The same is true in the Christian world. We celebrate the big and the splashy, so we think that where we are is merely God’s purposed path to success.

What if the path is not so much taking us somewhere but through something? What if the path itself is the big thing in God’s eyes and true success is found there?

What if we are so busy looking at what might be around the corner that we fail to notice the opportunities to bring God’s kingdom to people around us as we notice, love, and serve them?

I hope to be better this year at being in the moment, looking around as I walk on the path God has me on each day rather than getting ahead of myself and missing the beauty, blessing, and opportunity right around me.

What about you?

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