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Spiritual Rain Showers

By July 26, 2013No Comments

We in Texas have been experiencing drought conditions for much of the last three years. Our lake levels are down; many cities and towns have implemented severe restrictions on water usage; and a large number of crops have been lost by farmers. Just this morning we enjoyed some light showers that brought great relief to the parched plants and refreshing temperatures for us all.

Several scriptures compare rain or the results of its lack—famine and thirst—to our need for God and his Word. Our spiritual dryness usually comes from our own failure to soak in God’s presence and his love. Too often time with him is merely one item on our daily to-do lists where we follow our own agenda, telling God how to handle our problems, rather than a time of refreshment and relief from the burdens that we carry.

As a leader I have been guilty of making my time with God anything but refreshing as I pursued my itemized prayer requests and worried about what I really needed to be doing. Although we may label such events as “quiet time,” they are not the gentle showers we need in our parched lives; that rain only comes from taking in God’s Word and sitting in his presence in silence, as companions. For us as leaders to live in peace despite the myriad of issues and problems we face, the interruptions that plague us, and the weight of responsibility, we must allow God to water our hearts and lives regularly.

A few years ago I found myself dried up and parched spiritually despite doing everything I knew to do. In God’s perfect timing I attended a retreat where we were encouraged to sit at Jesus’s feet holding our burdens before him in silence, just letting him bring us peace and comfort through his presence. That practice has made a huge difference in my ability to handle all the life brings—whether leadership or personal issues. Setting aside time with God gives him space to work on our hearts and to speak in the still and silence.

As you influence others—which is the basis of leadership, don’t allow the tasks and responsibilities involved dry you up; soak in the refreshing rains and let God give you peace in him.

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