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The will. It is such an elusive thing. But, it is a God-given ability and we all deliberately decide to do or to not do things every day. Our previous posts helped you determine your goal, examine your reality and creatively select some options to achieve that goal. Now it is time to look at your will.

When we choose to do something, we actively engage our will. That’s what we’ll do today. From your list of options, ask yourself, “which one of these options am I willing to do?”. This involves choosing the action step, one single task, that you WILL put on your calendar, that will move you closer to your goal.

This process (and all of life) should ultimately be about glorifying God, not yourself. The following questions could help you make this important choice…

* Which option looks best? For what reason?

* How committed will I be to actually do this option?

* What do I really want to do?

* Do I sense God leading in one of these options?

* When will/can I do this?

My strongest encouragement to you after you decide what step to take is to set a date for doing it. Give yourself some time, but not too much time. This is how you will move from having good intentions to taking action. Write your action step down and tell someone else about it. Give them permission to ask you about it. This builds into your own accountability.

In keeping with my seminary story, I shared some of my options with you last week. As I asked myself the previous questions, and prayed for wisdom, I chose to begin to study for the GRE. I bought a book and looked on-line for test taking options, insight, etc. Once I took that step, I seemed more committed and it seemed more real. I then decided to speak with one of the female staff at the seminary about my thoughts and fears. This helped tremendously.

Step by step, I made it into seminary and was able to follow a program that worked for me and my life stage. God grew my faith in Him in amazing ways during that time. I am so thankful and blessed that I had the opportunity and I chose to take it.

I pray that you will be deliberate about GROWing your life and ministry and fully exploring the possibilities God places before you!

If you want to work through the whole GROW series, start here!

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