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GROWing in Life & Ministry – Options

By September 4, 2014April 5th, 2016No Comments

I hope the past posts have been helpful as you have determined a goal and looked at your current reality in reaching that goal. This process should be strongly coupled with prayer, listening/looking for God at work and maybe a conversation with a wise friend or coach to encourage you.

Ready to move on to the “O” of G-R-O-W? Today, we want to start thinking about options. Use your God-given creativity and develop some possibilities for pursuing your goal. Aim for five but feel free to dig for more.

As I thought about my seminary decision, here were some of my options…
* Forget about it. Give up. (it is an option!)
* Talk to someone in a similar life situation who was attending or had attended and find out how they did it
* Make an appointment to talk with advisers at the school about my reality and options
* Put a pen to the dollars that would be involved
* Study for the test (GRE) that I would need to take in order to apply

There. Five potential next steps. As you look at your options, the following questions might be helpful.
– What is one step I could take to bring me closer to my goal?
– What have others done before me?
– Is there a book or study I could do to help?
– Is there a class I could take to be better informed, prepared, etc.?
– What obstacle is keeping me stuck that I need to kick out of the way or jump over?
– Who could help me?

The answers to these and other questions you ask yourself are potential solutions. Remember to think creatively. This is the next step as you move from reality to your goal. If you get stuck; ask “what if…” or “what else?”. I’ll be praying for you!

Next week, we tackle the Will.

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