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In this age of technology we can be bombarded by so much to know and consider that we feel constantly overwhelmed. Our lives are often scattered with work, family, friends, and church, and we end up being scattered in thought as well.

As I think about giving my time, gifting, and finances, I get overloaded with information. Of course my church is a priority, but what beyond that are my husband and I to do? There are countless ministries providing for immigrants and the homeless or poor with tangible things as well as the gospel.

How does the Bible inform such decisions?

My choices for giving my time and energy are guided by my gifting because God directs us by how he has equipped us.

Decisions about where to give money beyond the local church are more difficult. A friend asked me recently how to determine where to give. I don’t know that I gave her much guidance at the time, but our conversation led to this post.

Jesus’s final instruction to his disciples surely includes some main things to keep in mind in making financial decisions. Jesus told his followers to make disciples, and he then described it as involving baptism, or spiritual birth, and teaching obedience, or spiritual growth (Matt. 28:19-20). So if our priority is making disciples, we have to include ministries which support the gospel believed and also those that focus on the gospel obeyed.

Jesus also summed up the Law as loving God supremely and then loving our neighbor (Mark 12:30-31). That certainly means loving practically as well as spiritually; providing for the poor and the marginalized provides a tangible expression of God’s love in Christ.

What was my conclusion after looking at these verses and others? I need to balance my giving by including the main things—sending out gospel witnesses, providing training for those who invest in spiritual growth, and tangible benevolence for the poor.
Yes, BOW’s mission is training leaders so they can develop Christians spiritually. If you sense God asking you to help us, we are so appreciative. If you want to see records, I am happy to respond to your request. In any case, I encourage you to find a training ministry you trust to support along with ministries that focus on sharing the gospel and providing for those in need.

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