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Crossing Scary Bridges

By December 3, 2014One Comment
Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

When I was a girl, I had a recurring dream where I fell out of a steep balcony. When I was forced to sit there, I kept my eyes on the stairs beneath me as I went up and down the stairs instead of looking out.

In college I had to drive over the very steep bridge shown in this picture in Southeast Texas. I have no clue why I had to cross it, but as I neared it, my fear of falling down a steep slope took over and I was scared to death of not making it to the top of the bridge. After that I avoided driving over bridges if I knew they were on my route. If I was unaware that one was in my path, I drove in the inside lane and refrained from looking out or down but kept my eyes on the car or lane straight before me.

What is God calling you to do that scares you?

I am always nervous when I speak or teach before a group that I don’t know. When I am the leader responsible, I fear failing and letting God down. When I speak of my faith before those who don’t share it, my shaky voice reveals what is happening inside of me. When I heard God call me to leave my first church staff position where I knew the women and the church for a church where I knew no one really, I was dreadfully afraid.

God often puts his children on bridges that scare us to stretch our faith. When we find ourselves there, we have a choice—to look out at the risk and never cross or to keep our eyes on Jesus who is before us. If he leads us to the bridge, he will take us over it.

What is your bridge?

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  • Evelyn B. says:

    Great analogy! I’m afraid of steep bridges, too!
    What is God calling me to do which scares me? Almost everything! Even submitting this comment scares me since it is so public & permanent – I’m so grateful for those who courageously write The Aroma of Influence posts which spiritually encourage and challenge me! I’m in the midst of a personal medical adventure and non-believers are commenting about my positive attitude. I know I need to give God the glory since He is the source of my joy & peace, but it is scary to share regarding my faith. My medical challenge is scary, too, but gratefully I’m not walking through this alone – I have His Spirit and the fellowship of believers, both of which are amazing beyond words!
    Just as you wrote, I’ve learned (& re-learned) over the years that God will provide both the ability & courage necessary to do what He calls me to do, and I need to focus on Him. Often my focus shifts and fear causes me to fail, but blessedly, He’s not finished with me yet!
    I’d like to recommend two resources that continue to bless me as I seek to follow His lead: the “Discover Your Mission” information which is the topic of BOW’s January free online Leader Lab, and Kay’s book, From Ordinary Woman to Spiritual Leader: Grow Your Influence. May we keep our eyes on Jesus!

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