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Being Strategic in Everything

By October 8, 2014April 5th, 2016No Comments

I have been working on an upcoming speaking engagement and have been frustrated with my progress. This morning I read a post from Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research Division, about strategy in small group ministry. Although my current project isn’t for or about small groups, reading his comments woke me up to the realization that I had forgotten to connect our goal here at Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries—growing the influence of women—with my preparation. Other people chose the topic, and I have been finding scriptures and pulling out thoughts about it, resulting in a mishmash of ideas.

I failed to match my message to my purpose. What do I want to take place when the women hear what I have to say? Does my message lead them to become more influential?

Whatever your role—parent, spouse, pastor, minister, small group leader, speaker, community volunteer—being strategic makes a difference in the end result.

This is what Ed Stetzer reports: “In our research on the largest and fastest growing churches in America, however, we have found that strategy really matters.”

What is your purpose? How do you want to make a difference? What do you want to accomplish? Your ministry needs a defined purpose; your life needs a defined purpose; your parenting needs a defined purpose. Once you know that purpose, you have a goal to reach and you must be strategic to get there or you will never even get close!

If you need more specific guidance in this area, read Claudia McGuire’s series of posts on GROW, beginning here.

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