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Tired & Sad about the Disunity & Rancor?

By August 15, 2017April 2nd, 20182 Comments

I have to admit that I am tired of all the talk, the arguments about politics, the hate, the divisions in the church, and the headlines that discourage me each and every day. The world seems to be coming apart, and our nation’s greatest freedoms and democratic processes are being undermined by those sworn to uphold them. Each day’s news greets me with its sad and horrifying words.

I know that many of you feel the same way. What do we do with it?

Do we disconnect and live in our cocoons to feel better? Or knowing that whatever we say will be criticized or ridiculed, do we publicly stand for what we hold dear—truth in the face of lies, insight to combat ignorance, unity in the church, the value of all people, and the knowledge of the Creator God?

The prophets, the great biblical leaders, and certainly Jesus himself took the harder road. They engaged the culture, speaking truth to all, even to power. Being quiet isn’t an option when the truth, love, and kingdom of God are at stake.

So how do we stand and even speak well in the midst of all of this? I’m struggling, but I intend to persevere and trust the results to a great God.

But as I respond, I better be sure that I’m on God’s side. He’s not a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal. His kingdom never totally aligns with anyone’s labels. I need to read and reread the Scriptures, asking if I’m living out the fullness of his love and grace to others, while also speaking truth. I need to be the church to those around me instead of just going to church, speak with love to all, and listen well to those with different backgrounds and views. I need to pray more, asking God every day to make me sensitive to his Spirit’s voice so I do God’s work in a godly way, not the way of the world.

I want to stand with my brothers and sisters of color. When they hurt, I should hurt. When they rejoice, I can rejoice with them. And I want to live out the Golden Rule by being merciful and gracious to the least of these who struggle to eat and live—things I take for granted every day.

We’re in a spiritual battle, but our enemy is not people of flesh and blood. The victory day by day comes from persevering in prayer and walking in step with the Prince of Peace. May he give us peace in the midst of this chaos. May he lead us to use our voices and actions for his glory and his kingdom.

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  • Claudia says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Kay. We are all confused and heart sick over the hate that is in this world and it seems to be growing stronger. Thank God, we have hope. But it isn’t Hope in this world, government or humanity.

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