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Serving God in the Ordinary

The Power of Many

By December 1, 2016No Comments

Our recent trip to the Dallas Arboretum reminded me of a great truth for us as Christians.

The DeGolyer house, which sits among the beautiful grounds, was donated along with its accompanying land to the city years ago. For the Christmas season it is decorated and open for tours which highlight a Claus Collection of over 500 Santas. In fact there were so many that it was impossible to notice each one without spending hours there.

Although the sheer number of Santas meant that the individual ones might be lost to the eye, the effect of groups of Santas around the entire house was gorgeous! They drew our eyes in every room because of the ways they were connected and exhibited. Each Santa was different, and yet they were all part of the one theme–just as the church is.

I believe this is the way the church is meant to be. We draw the eyes of the world when we connect with one another as lights in the darkness. One light doesn’t necessarily stand out, but when we unite and stand for truth, love, grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation in a world full of hatred and division, we draw its attention. Individuals cannot do what a united group can do.

So as we approach Christmas and 2017, let’s find ways to be part of something bigger than ourselves—the message of the King who was born and is coming again to bring the entire world into a kingdom of hope, love, and unity. Look for ways to bring reconciliation to our land by connecting with other followers of Jesus of different races and cultures. Find a church (which of course will not be perfect) and unite with others to bring a collective light to the world through love, grace, and service that God empowers.

In what ways are you connecting with other believers to make a bigger difference?

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