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The Passing of Another Year

By December 31, 2018No Comments

As I age, the years seem to pass by more quickly. Before I know it, I’ve had another birthday and the old year is over without any effort on my part to absorb it all. 

I’m not particularly self-reflective although I’m a thinker when it comes to current issues, theology, and culture. I’m happy to leave my inner thoughts and outward mistakes alone until forced to deal with them because of both how I was raised and also my abhorrence of facing what’s inside. 

But that’s why I so appreciate coming to the end of another year. I need a reason to reflect more deeply on my life and personal issues. Instead of the usual finger-pointing at others, I deliberately turn my attention inward for a few hours or days. 

I’ve previously written about practicing silence and reflection at the end of the year. My plan for this day, the last one of 2018, is to go through those questions, listening for God’s voice and responding with celebration of his goodness, confession of my sins, renewal of my soul, and personal growth—as they fit what God’s shows me.

Whether you read this today at the end of the year or later in six months, it’s always a good time to take an hour or two and spend it with God reflecting on the past year. I would love to hear what happens.

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