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Thanksgiving: 30 Ways for 30 Days

By November 1, 2013No Comments

Last year I wrote a post on my website about deliberately being thankful during each day in November instead of only on Thanksgiving Day. This year I planned 30 particular ways to thank God, and I thought I would share them to help you start thinking.

If you have read Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts, you know that she sees a gift (a blessing) in the small things. She notes the beauty of sun reflecting on her dishwater, for instance, and the love she feels for one of her children as she watches him. Consider the small things when you thank God this month. Spend time meditating on the areas listed and see what God brings to mind.

Thanksgiving for–

  1.  The remarkable gift of life
  2. The price of salvation Jesus paid
  3. The strengths and gifting of one family member
  4. One of your five senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing
  5. The grace of God
  6. The beauty and detail in one created thing outside your home
  7. One way your church has supported you
  8. God’s omnipotent power
  9. The night sky
  10. The gift of prayer
  11. One particular answer to prayer this past year
  12. A story about Jesus in the Gospels which you particularly love
  13. Your home
  14. A promise made by God that is precious to you today
  15. Your ability to read this list and the difference that has made in your life
  16. A specific person from your past who helped you learn or gave you wisdom
  17. One of God’s provisions: food, clothing, shelter, or work
  18. The strengths and gifting of a second family member
  19. God’s omnipresence (He is everywhere and with us always.)
  20. Your favorite food
  21. Your support community
  22. One source of joy
  23. Fresh water
  24. A person who has reflected God to you in some way
  25. God’s goodness, maybe a way he has proven to be good even in tough times
  26. God’s sovereignty (his rule over all things)
  27. A favorite Bible verse
  28. A special memory
  29. Rain
  30. The way God has drawn you to himself as you have thanked him daily this month

May you be blessed as you offer God the sacrifice of praise this November!



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