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Simplify your Calendar by Finding your Mission

By January 5, 2015September 1st, 2022No Comments

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reassess all sorts of things. How has God moved in your life during the previous year? What is he saying to you through his Word, your circumstances, your spiritual community, and your ministry? What do you need to change in 2015? In a culture that calls us to be too busy, how do we simplify so that we serve God well?

Understanding my mission guides me as I look ahead to 2015. Although God does stretch and grow us by putting us in places we are uncomfortable and unprepared without his help, he usually does that within the framework of our gifting.

Even when I agree to responsibilities that fit my mission, they always include work that don’t fit me. While serving on church staffs, counseling situations arose that were way beyond me. I planned events that didn’t get me personally excited. I had to deal with difficult people and hard changes. But if you asked me if the job connected with my mission, I would say yes, but it also involved many things that we outside of my gifts.

So yes, God stretches us beyond our gifting, but we don’t have to look for places to do that. God will provide them right where we are.

The Spirit of God empowers us to serve where he has gifted us. By knowing and understanding the links between our gifts, burdens, and opportunities, we can fulfill the missions that God has given us. We can know when to say yes and what to eliminate from our too-busy lives.

I don’t agree to work in the church nursery every Sunday because it doesn’t fit my mission, but I would do it on a given Sunday if needed and available. When I accept a responsibility that takes a lot of time, I need to see if it fits me—because God has created and purposed me for a specific mission. And if I am in the nursery, I don’t have time to do the things I was made for.

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