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Seeing God’s Majesty

By April 18, 2018April 20th, 2018No Comments

Last week we traveled to the Big Bend area of Texas—far, far west of our home in DFW on the border of Mexico.

Although we lived in West Texas a couple of years long ago, this is the first time I’ve truly appreciated the beauty of the desert. We drove through areas where nothing grew taller than a few feet, and yet the hues of the colors of the grass and vegetation was gorgeous. The cacti were in bloom in various shades of reds and yellows.

And of course, the mountains in Big Bend National Park were breathtaking. Although we took a hike to get a better view, I didn’t make it all the way to the top. Sadly, the picture of the view from where I stopped doesn’t do justice to the grandeur I saw.

Our trip included views of the night sky at McDonald Observatory‘s Star Party which was fabulous. It has been years and years since I had seen the stars without light pollution. Wow!

Such places inspire my faith in the great Creator God who gave us such varied landscapes, majestic heights, and stars that remind me of how mighty our God is. Such a great God can take care of me and you when circumstances like health, finances, or the future looks dark. 

As Christians we need to find places and set aside time periodically to be awed by our all-powerful, loving, and creative God. You and I are his special creation, made in his own image and so dear to his heart that Jesus, who is God himself, came to earth and died to fix the human sin problem and make our world Eden again. That loving God, who is big enough to create all things, has the power to take care of us always. 

Take time to see the magnificence of the Creator. Enjoy the view!

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