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Some of you can whip up dinner with no thought about going to the store because you always have food items on hand. Others of us need to plan further out, but I’d say 100% of us need to plan early to feed 50 people on a holiday.

That’s the way planning is. A lot depends on what you’re planning. A small group that meets independently of others can be much more flexible than a group that’s part of a large Bible study. A big event requires organizing many people, not at all like a last minute dinner with a friend.


So carefully consider what your planning requires, so you have plenty of time no matter how big and involved your ministry is. 

It’s never too early to start praying with a friend or team for guidance and wisdom about what’s next.


Don’t forget that strategy is essential in every decision. Be sure you’re thinking about your plans and decisions with the big purpose in mind. If you have no big purpose, you need to gather others involved or perhaps some mature and wise believers to help you work toward a strategy. (Claudia McGuire has some great videos to watch that will guide you if you’ve never strategized before, or download or listen to the podcast of the first one on preparing.)

Getting together as mentor and mentee can be very casual and spur of the moment, but even such a one-on-one ministry becomes more purposeful with a strategy—and yet can be casual.


Talk to those involved. Do a survey or have some focus groups to provide insights and perspective. You’ll never have 100% agreement but hearing lots of ideas and thoughts helps tremendously.


Recruit early, so you spread out the work and the opportunity to grow as a team. Recruit well, so you don’t have to do the work yourself.Recruit with job descriptions so you don’t recruit and lose your volunteers.


I’ve found that a leader who loves, prioritizes and cares for those she serves is given the benefit of the doubt and forgiven easily when she messes up—particularly when she admits her mistakes and uses them to grow and learn for the next time.

Feel free to contact me at BOW if you need more specific help. 

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