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Pastors–What is your Vision for Women?

By August 13, 2013June 16th, 2016No Comments

For years people have quoted the title of John Gray’s book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus to describe males and females to be as different as two species.  Although I disagree with the stereotypes that suggests, overall there are differences which are commonly true for the majority of women and men.  Because of that, it is imperative for a church to think through its vision for women. Speaking and ministering to men doesn’t always equate to caring well for women.

The Great Commission requires both men and women to make disciples as well as become disciples themselves. What is your vision for meeting the unique needs and issues faced by women as disciples?

Paul helps us in Titus 2:3-5, calling on the older women to teach and disciple the younger women in character and practical living. For most women friendship and community with other women is the best place to grow beyond knowledge, becoming a powerful spiritual influence to her family, neighbors, co-workers, and community in ways that fit who she is as a woman of God.

That is God’s purpose for women—all of us using our gifts, following his calling on our lives, growing as women of God, and making an eternal difference in the world.

Your practical vision to fulfill God’s purposes for your church may include some of the things that we at Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries (BOW) see for women:

  • We see women of all ages gathering periodically for encouragement, spiritual growth, and community led by a woman who is called by God and trained as a leader.
  • We see this leader having a female coach/consultant from outside of your church available and ready to help her start well.
  • We see women responding to a gifted, well-trained, and godly speaker who comes into your church to challenge them from God’s Word in areas fundamental to a woman’s life.
  • We see the women of a small or remote church excited that they don’t have to go to the big city or a larger church to benefit from an excellent speaker. We see them motivated to invite friends to join them because the topic is timely and practical.
  • We see a woman leading a small group of women in a way that builds them spiritually and in community because she has been well-trained in such skills.
  • We see women making a difference in your community, led by a woman who has a consultant available to guide her.
  • We see all women learning how God has uniquely called each of them and leaning into that life purpose, serving and loving others according to their wiring.
  • We see marriages and families changed by mothers and wives who are changed.
  • We see the women of your church as ambassadors of God’s kingdom right where they are because they exude the fragrance of Christ.

What help do you need as a pastor as you partner with godly women leaders to fulfill your vision? Contact us if we can be part of your solution.

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