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Meetings are Biblical!

By July 10, 2016July 11th, 2016No Comments

What thoughts come to your mind when you are invited to a meeting? “I don’t have time for this.” “Another meeting?” “Why me?” Any of those sound familiar? As I’ve put a lot of thought into meetings over the past several months, God came to mind. I wondered what God’s thoughts might be toward meetings and then it occurred to me that meetings go way back in history.

We might tend to think meetings are so now, such a modern corporate thing and just a time burner. But, they’ve been around forever. God met with Adam and Eve in the garden. He gave instructions about His creation. I’m sure He answered questions and helped them make decisions. Doesn’t He still do so today as we pursue Him in our work, ministry and life?

God used meetings with Moses to discuss the building and organization of His tabernacle; His presence in His people’s wilderness wanderings. God met with Moses to talk about the delegation of ministry and responsibility to others who could help him manage the people God had placed under his care.

Jesus met with His disciples to talk about their job descriptions, His mission, encouragement for ministry and the future. The Bible contains some excellent “minutes” from some divine meetings!

So many of us avoid planning meetings, thinking we are adding burdens to our team, our volunteers or even our family. But a well thought out, purposeful meeting might be exactly what everyone needs. Real communication, both listening and talking face to face with others, is becoming a lost art. Email, texting and other good social media has become a substitute for getting our thoughts and desires “heard” – without any true interaction. We can always quit replying, liking or reading when we tire of the feedback.

I challenge you to think more intentionally about your next opportunity to relay information, or report, or plan or problem solve. Would it best be accomplished through a good meeting? What needs to be communicated? Do you need to hear from your people? Do you need to show them you care and that you are available? Do you need their good ideas and input? Do you need to encourage them?

BOW’s videos on Meetings That Work can help walk you through the Before, During and After aspects of a good meeting. Take a look, then through your future meetings, go change someone’s mind about the importance of meeting together!

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