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Know your own Heart

By September 4, 2017No Comments

As I prepared to teach a lesson at Bible study next week, I found this list from A.W. Tozer on an online quotations page. Although I can’t verify he wrote it because no source is listed, it certainly rings true to what I know about him.

“Rules for Self Discovery:

  1. What we want most;
  2. What we think about most;
  3. How we use our money;
  4. What we do with our leisure time;
  5. The company we enjoy;
  6. Who and what we admire;
  7. What we laugh at.”

If we take this list and give ourselves quiet time to work through it by praying and asking God to reveal the truth, we could learn a great deal about what is really in our hearts.

How many of our answers involve God? Do we prioritize him and others? Do we see care, love, generosity, and eternal purpose in the answers or only our families, fun, and achievements? What attracts us to people we hang around or admire? True character and humility or success and fun?

The last three questions uncover our biases and pride. I regret terribly the amount of time I spent in school laughing at girls who were different than me. What does that show about my heart at that time? And what do I reveal about my pride when I do it even today?

Just to be clear–family, leisure, friends, and laughter aren’t bad. How we achieve and use them is very important, however, because they tell us who/what owns our hearts.

Let’s think about spending time honestly assessing ourselves, confessing, and asking God to change us from the inside out. Let’s ask him to give reorient our hearts to him in every area.

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