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Version 2That was what I wanted from God. Don’t put me in a place where people notice me. Don’t ask me to step into spiritual leadership where so much is expected. I am happy to serve behind the scenes.

Do you feel that way? Do you also say, “Here I am Lord, but send someone else?”

Those of you who have been in classes where I taught the Bible or part of a team that I led may be surprised to learn that I have no ambition to speak before a group or be in charge of anything. When I left church staff 5 years ago, I relished being anonymous and sitting instead of leading. It’s so much easier!

But God doesn’t call us to easy. He didn’t call Moses to easy. Imagine returning to the place where you were royalty, now as a shepherd, and demanding that the all-powerful ruler release his slaves. It seems a bit humbling.

God didn’t call the apostles to easy. They were persecuted and killed for following and declaring Jesus as the Messiah, God himself.

So I can’t consider ease or being comfortable to mark the path God gives me. God and his kingdom are more important than my travel, my fun, my relaxation, and my plans. I may be able to retire from a position, but not from his purposes.

My time sitting and soaking was short-lived. God quickly provided opportunities for me to use the gifts and the experience that he placed in me to serve him and his kingdom.

You may think of yourself as an ordinary woman, but in God’s sight you are a leader because you have influence in your world. God has a place, a plan, and a ministry for you right there. That may rock your world because it isn’t easy or convenient or comfortable. It isn’t necessarily big or up-front. But whatever it entails may require sacrificing flexibility, time, comfort, and fun. You may have to give up sitting, soaking, and following to make a difference in the kingdom.

Serving Christ is worth it.

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