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GROWing in Life & Ministry – Reality

By August 29, 2014April 5th, 2016No Comments

As I considered going to seminary, the reality was that I was married, working part-time on a church staff and I had two girls in elementary school. In addition, I had never gotten my college degree, seminary is ridiculously expensive and I did not love anything about my previous educational experiences! I learn as a I work. Classrooms and lectures were not attractive to me. (Forgive me; I’m a tad rebellious.)

But, I really wanted to experience God and all He had for me. My then current reality needed to be named and dealt with, but it was not to be used an an excuse to not pursue the potential adventure awaiting me.

That is what we want to reflect on today as we continue to pursue purpose and progress. What Goal did you determine for yourself or your ministry? Take that goal – a specific purpose – and write it down.

Now, let’s consider our current Reality regarding this Goal. That is the R in G-R-O-W. You can determine an objective starting point for your next step by looking at your reality. Ask yourself these questions.

* What does my (life, ministry, program, opportunity, etc.) look like now?

* What is happening in this area now?

* What isn’t happening?

* Who else is/would be involved in this?

* Have I tried this before or what have I tried before?

* Is this reality or just my perception of reality?

Take an honest snapshot of your current reality. Like my story about considering seminary, reality might make your purpose seem out of reach or your goal impossible to attain. Remember, God is in the impossible business. Don’t worry about it and don’t let your reality rob you of what could be. This step in the process helps bring clarity. It is mining for the diamond that will lead to your next step (options). And that is what this is all about – moving forward – growing in life and ministry.


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