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IMG_2269When we bought this house 12 1/2 years ago, I knew that God wanted us to use it for him. We moved because I had a new job, and this was a shorter commute for both my husband and me. I knew it was perfect for us when I saw it, and we immediately offered a contract. I didn’t even have to paint most of the rooms because the color palette matched my furniture!


I prayed that God would use it as he had our previous home, which was older and smaller, and he has certainly done so. It has been the site of many church leadership meetings, the place where I have written Bible studies, and a temporary home for friends and family as needed.


The picture I’ve posted shows my living room. God is using it in a way I never expected—as a studio to film some short videos to accompany my new Bible study Interrupted by God. Each video features a woman telling the story of her own God-interruption. My picture shows Virginia Grounds, one of our wonderful BOW team members, as she records her story. So far the stories have been tremendous, and we still have a number yet to film. I can’t wait to watch them online!


I love that my house can further God’s kingdom, but I would be wrong if I thought that the only ways he uses it is for some sort of ministry or great need.


I think of the many wedding and baby showers here that celebrated my friends and their children, the meals prepared here that brought sustenance and love to those who ate them, the fun times with friends at our parties, and the various people who have shared our holiday celebrations when they could not be with their own families.


No, God’s use of our home doesn’t require an official church meeting or ministry video-taping. God is here all the time, in every encounter and every act of love. I am so thankful that he uses us as well as the home he has given us in ways that are both big and small.


How does God use your home every day in the ordinary things of life? I would love to hear!

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