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Customer Service*W

By November 28, 2016No Comments

As I’ve visited certain stores and restaurants over the past month, I’ve detected a new, real effort from the employees to either engage in a conversation with me or just flat out be kind and complimentary. Its like they’ve all had recent staff meetings focused on customer service and kindness. What? Most of what we are seeing on Facebook and TV is just the opposite. I’ve been genuinely amazed.

When an employee at a very busy favorite coffee spot commented on how lovely my name was, that stuck with me. When a floor manager of a big box store went out of her way to find a product that was not on the shelves, as advertised, and she was beyond helpful as she ordered it on-line to be shipped to my house at the sale price, that had great impact.

So, as Christians and as women in ministry, do we think about how we communicate great “customer service”? Who are our “customers”? What “service” do we offer to them? Are we training our teams or volunteers to know our organization and ministry so well, that they know how to go the extra mile to help those who have questions or problems? Do they know who to go to for answers they cannot provide?

When faced with unhappy women (that never happens!) do we all know how to respond? I know I’ve experienced being ignored, glanced over, condescended to and listened to. What are we communicating with our words and actions? Are we communicating at all?

As our country is dealing with hate and anger, as representatives of Jesus Christ, let’s make sure that we are doing all we can to love on and serve those God brings into our lives and fields of ministry. Kindness does not come naturally. It has to be modeled and even taught. Ephesians 4:11-12 reminds us to equip others for the work of service.

Maybe it is time that we recast a vision for great customer service.

  • What is it you want your team of employees/volunteers to convey regarding customer service? This represents your desire.
  • What can you do to improve in this area? This is your ability.
  • What is one thing you will do going forward? This represents your action.


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