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Christmas Carols Rich in Meaning

By December 21, 2015No Comments

This post was originally published on December 21, 2011.

Last weekend my husband and I were blessed to attend a concert here in Dallas by the Orpheus Chamber Singers. Although we were not familiar with most of the music, we so enjoyed the quality of the group’s voices in a church built for sound without microphones. I was thankful for the printed program which included the lyrics to the unknown carols. Once again I was reminded of how much theology is present in Christian music of ages past.

As I listened, I allowed the truth of the words to pour into my heart. Beautiful and often deep, they brought home the true meaning of the season. Here are some of my favorites:

“Within a manger he was laid,

And by his side the virgin maid,

Attending on the Lord of life,

Who came to earth to end all strife.”

Wexford Carol

“’Come in, come in, ye kings!

And kiss the feet of God.’”

The Three Kings

“The wise men are no longer wise;

God in the crib has bewildered them.

They place their gifts around the sides.

Kneel and pray. Adore him.”


“The Word becomes incarnate

And yet remains on high.

And cherubim sing anthems

To shepherds from the sky.”

                                A Great and Mighty Wonder

“Hush, hush!  A virgin has given birth to God,

As wished in God’s mercy.”

                                Resonet in Laudibus

“A child is born in man’s abode,

And in that child no blemish show’d.

That child was God, that child was man,

And in that child our life began.”

                                Let us Gather Hand in Hand

I wish you a Christmas of joy in knowing and adoring the Savior!

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