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BOW Update: Time to Write a Bible Study

By February 19, 2015No Comments

A BOW goal this year is to provide a new free online Bible study that women can access around the world. As we seek to grow the influence of women, the study of God’s Word is key to equipping them.

Picture women around the world who do not have the access to written materials that we have in the West. Many missionaries have found online studies to be the solution to their need to disciple women where they are. Think of those who must pay dearly for written materials to be shipped because computers aren’t an option for them.

As many of you know, I have a number of studies online at and on my own website. We have links to them here. Thousands of women around the world have accessed them, and my prayer is that God will use this new study for his purposes as well. I am presently studying Ecclesiastes, a book that speaks to the world today, in preparation for writing the group material.

Please pray for God to guide me as I prepare and write. Ask him for a group to go through it with me to test it, and then that he would use it around the world to grow the influence of women as they grow more like Jesus.

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