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BOW News: Back to the Maasai

By June 1, 2015June 16th, 2016No Comments

Masaai groupOur team of 3 is excited about our return to Kenya this August to continue to train Maasai women to use stories of the Bible for evangelism and discipleship. 

Last summer we were honored to be invited by some women in an area outside of Kilgoris, Kenya to provide beginning orality training for them. This year we will continue training those from that group who have been telling the stories they learned, and we will introduce a group of new women to storytelling in the Maasai language. Our focus for the advanced group is learning to craft the stories in the Bible in a way that is clear in their culture. We hope to give them more practice in using the follow-up questions with groups so they too learn and share the stories with others.

We anticipate returning with the 3 Kenyan men who teamed with us before. Our driver Alpha and guide Omega will be able to do evangelistic work in the area while we train the women because they are no longer needed to help with the water filter. Vincent, the water filter expert, will check on it and make any adjustments needed. He must periodically to this to be sure the area people have used it properly, providing safe and drinkable water for that community.

In the same way that we provided a gift for the community last year through the water filter, we would like to provide some gifts for the school where the conference is held. Once we confirm what that will be, we will post a news update. It may be something that we gather to take with us. Kenya has continued to deal with terrorism, as you are likely aware, but it has been in areas far away from our destination. We do travel through Nairobi. Like any large city, Nairobi attracts such activity as well. So we do appreciate your prayers.

We are asking for donations and prayer to make this possible. Our costs include food for the women attending the conference and all costs for our group of 6 as we partner on storytelling and evangelism.  If God leads you to support us, please click Donations or Prayer. 

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