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Announcing BOW Seminary Scholarship for Fall 2019

By April 2, 2019No Comments


Our mission at Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries is to prepare Christian women for leadership. We do that primarily through our videos and blog articles, as well as by connecting with women in leadership positions to provide personal mentoring or prayer.

Today BOW is also excited to announce a $500 scholarship for a deserving female seminary student to support her as she trains for Christian leadership.

Contact us and we will send you information about our requirements along with the application and recommendation forms. 

If you are already a seminary student, we invite you to apply. 

HELP! We need your help to get the word out. If you know a female seminary student, send her this post. If you have a connection to a seminary, please contact us to receive information to share with your financial aid office or professors. And pray for God to lead us to just the right woman. 



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